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Famous Authors/Illustrators Noshing, Last Bookstore Revisited, and Landing in Singapore

Last blog found us hanging out with astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Garrett Reisman . . .

 photo IMG_1456_zps2a9a62fe.jpg

So it was a "wha . . .?" moment when the gigundo meteor hit Russa a couple days later. Here's an AP photo it heading to earth . . .

 photo meteor_zps8978655e.jpeg

The next day an asteroid was scheduled to come "this close" to earth. So we went outside to try to see it. However, NASA said it would be difficult for the "untrained eye" to witness it. I dunno. Not only did we see ONE meteor, we saw TWO meteors!!!

 photo Image1_zpsbca4e5e7.jpg  photo Image_zpsf85b95fe.jpg
(Legal: These meteors have not been confirmed my NASA, yet.)

So then, meteors aside, I'm on the road (again) right now. Or rather, I was recently in the air . . .

 photo IMG_1530_zpsab601dd3.jpg  photo IMG_1534_zps1c233a50.jpg  photo IMG_1536_zps2bea6597.jpg  photo IMG_1544_zpsfd4c91f5.jpg

I landed in Singapore on Saturday . . .

 photo IMG_1545_zps916fd7ad.jpg  photo IMG_1546_zps7372b5cc.jpg  photo IMG_1547_zpsca0ad25b.jpg  photo IMG_1548_zpsafc1243d.jpg  photo IMG_1549_zps3978143c.jpg  photo IMG_1550_zps0216461a.jpg

Yes, I left my house on Friday and two days later, arrived at my Singapore hotel totally jet lagged. I'll be blogging about my adventures here, and my visit to the Stamford American International School. But in the meantime, before I left, I visited The Last Bookstore in the heart of downtown Los Angeles -- again.

 photo d28aa0ac.jpg

You never know what you'll find there!

 photo IMG_1165_zps78a7e652.jpg  photo IMG_1159_zpse00707be.jpg  photo IMG_1162_zps75e22ecc.jpg

Even though Peepy and I have been there before, but we can't get enough of the place. Some of their zillion billion books are even color coded!

 photo IMG_1164_zps424f75dc.jpg  photo IMG_1163_zps181d8093.jpg

This last time, before buying books, we needed to get fortified. So we went to the Nickel Diner. (The food cost dollars more than a nickel, but it was worth saving your pennies for. Did those bad puns make cents to you?)

 photo IMG_1158_zps4f984be0.jpg  photo IMG_1156_zpsf0ca8565.jpg  photo IMG_1155_zpsfe5d3415.jpg

Yay, books!!! Speaking of books, can you find the famous author hiding in my office?

 photo IMG_1473_zps4732173b.jpg

Here's a hint: It's one of these two. And it's the one with the GIANT burrito . . .

 photo IMG_1476_zps1450fc8b.jpg
(That's Origami Yoda's very own Tom Angleberger on the left and Dan Santat on the right.)

In other eating news, Mo Willems was in town recently-ish. He and Marla Frazee had a grand time goofing off with Peepy . . .

 photo IMG_1365_zps29b917ae.jpg  photo IMG_1366_zps5d0c0a5b.jpg  photo IMG_1366_zps51bdd6eb.jpg  photo IMG_1367_zps7fc20d39.jpg

Then Bob Boyle and Peepy got all serious as Tom Warburton, Dan Santat, and Tom Gammill chortled . . .

 photo IMG_1368_zps65d01df8.jpg

Here's the gang . . .

 photo IMG_1371_zps0108dd7e.jpg

And lastly, here's a fan letter that I got recently. LOVE IT! This kid is going to go places!!!

 photo Scan92_zps75bfdf88.jpg


Books make lovely gifts for you or someone you know, or someone you may know sometime. If you'd like an autographed book o' mine, order from Vroman's. Be sure to tell them that you'd like me to sign them, and include the name(s) of who the books should be made out to. Then Vroman's will mail it/them to you!"

 photo IMG_0707_zpsbeaf44ff.jpg
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