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Desert Safari Camel Time! Souk Shopping, and Good-Bye, Dubai . . .

So then, Peepy and I were HERE and HERE in Dubai, and now we are here in this final blog of the I WENT TO DUBAI AND HAD A GREAT TIME series . . .

 photo IMG_2653_zpsc9e81829.jpg
(Above: The bus stops are air conditioned.)

One of my favorite things to do was exploring the backstreets where the locals hung out . . .

 photo IMG_2574_zpsda8a93f7.jpg  photo IMG_2590_zpsc6590010.jpg  photo IMG_2608_zps5a751730.jpg  photo IMG_2607_zps13a74602.jpg

I slipped into a tiny restaurant that held about six tables. All were full, so the owner motioned for me to sit with this nice young man. He spoke English (slightly). I had what he had for lunch (they just brought it to me without me asking) . . .

 photo IMG_2575_zps5b80a5d1.jpg

After, I took the abra (small boat) across the creek to Deira. It costs about 28 cents for a ride. I loved the boats and I didn't fall into the water once!

 photo IMG_2596_zpsc6d0a3a5.jpg  photo IMG_2597_zps6a3b5d6a.jpg  photo IMG_2599_zpsa8ff9dea.jpg  photo IMG_2600_zps9361a497.jpg  photo IMG_2601_zpsc054059b.jpg

The colors and sights and smells and sounds of people haggling were awesome. We visited the Silk Souk and the Spice Souk again . . .

 photo IMG_2593_zpsc882127f.jpg  photo IMG_2592_zps72b9ba21.jpg  photo IMG_2604_zps44ccf13d.jpg  photo IMG_2614_zpsaf6d495d.jpg

This is the Gold Souk . . .

 photo IMG_2610_zpscbeee30b.jpg  photo IMG_2611_zps06cce444.jpg  photo IMG_2612_zps21840cb6.jpg  photo IMG_2613_zpsff966487.jpg  photo IMG_2615_zps5a2beba7.jpg

Everything closes from 1 - 4 pm . . .

 photo IMG_2606_zpsbf40c109.jpg

Then we headed back for an entirely different shopping experience . . .

 photo IMG_2608_zps5a751730.jpg  photo IMG_2624_zpsed907003.jpg  photo IMG_2626_zps28103597.jpg

Above is the map for the largest mall in the middle east. We had been there briefly, once before. But we returned because Peepy and I heard there was a great bookstore there, and we are all about great bookstores. But first, we wandered around . . .

 photo IMG_2628_zpsc8a8c41d.jpg  photo IMG_2629_zps1c64fa55.jpg  photo IMG_2631_zpsf197c82d.jpg  photo IMG_2641_zps2e7ca6b2.jpg  photo IMG_2643_zpsf30c62e8.jpg  photo IMG_2644_zps9636394c.jpg  photo IMG_2646_zpse54bd7a7.jpg  photo IMG_2647_zps79665d83.jpg

These women were watching people ice skate . . .

 photo IMG_2648_zpsa7ac171e.jpg

Look! We found the bookstore . . .

 photo IMG_2633_zpsff6f8948.jpg  photo IMG_2635_zps504a7f47.jpg  photo IMG_2637_zps5d95276f.jpg  photo IMG_2640_zps85840663.jpg

Hey, there's Absolutely Maybe . . .

 photo IMG_2636_zpsbfeb8fb7.jpg  photo IMG_2638_zps7bfe09bc.jpg

The next day, my new friends from the American School of Dubai took me to the Blue Souk in Sharjah . . .

 photo IMG_2656_zps18083dd0.jpg  photo IMG_2657_zps4e9a6399.jpg

We all got some wonderful bargains!

 photo IMG_2661_zpsa45792c6.jpg  photo IMG_2662_zps2a1d4c32.jpg  photo IMG_2663_zps20d6fa32.jpg  photo IMG_2664_zpse3208ad4.jpg  photo IMG_2664_zpse3208ad4.jpg  photo IMG_2667_zpsa5f53fe6.jpg

Too soon, it was time for lunch and then the ride back to my hotel . . .

 photo IMG_2668_zpsddf4e487.jpg  photo IMG_2669_zps0f27b562.jpg

I had changed lodgings and was now at the Arabian Courtyard. Here's my room and the view . . .

 photo IMG_2581_zpsd87c6ad7.jpg  photo IMG_2583_zpse1239be5.jpg

With all the desert in Dubai, of course I had to go on a safari, right?

 photo IMG_2683_zpsbe893c7f.jpg

It was truly a marvelous experience. I rode in a 4-wheeler that was part of a 50 car caravan. It was a wild ride . . .

 photo IMG_2675_zps2f6e9d22.jpg  photo IMG_2739_zpsf7089944.jpg

How wild was it? CLICK HERE to see my totally professional, hand-held steady cam video of me and Peepy in the front seat.

We learned about falcon, which are a huge part of the middle eastern culture . . .

 photo IMG_2685_zpsc31b40a2.jpg  photo IMG_2692_zps62c87a97.jpg  photo IMG_2693_zps93a1355d.jpg  photo IMG_2695_zps48bec89c.jpg  photo IMG_2696_zpsd6bc2e56.jpg  photo IMG_2704_zpse321f1cc.jpg

The dunes were gorgeous and so was the sunset . . .

 photo IMG_2751_zps9f07bbbe.jpg  photo IMG_2759_zps16ba7eae.jpg

Yay! Camels!!!

 photo IMG_2764_zpsf79da6b3.jpg  photo IMG_2766_zps4d3ad0d7.jpg  photo IMG_2768_zps76df15f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2773_zps4e7c0af0.jpg

Then there was a BBQ . . .

 photo IMG_2781_zpsd1305656.jpg  photo IMG_2785_zps19b2dafd.jpg  photo IMG_2783_zps14ac965c.jpg  photo IMG_2786_zps1f5b3581.jpg  photo IMG_2790_zps12c84848.jpg  photo IMG_2793_zpscbdb1530.jpg  photo IMG_2794_zpsfb034ff2.jpg  photo IMG_2795_zps78c0ae3c.jpg

These are the lovely ladies from Australia that I sat with . . .

 photo IMG_2801_zpsb963c827.jpg

I opted for the flower pattern henna . . .

 photo IMG_2797_zps0b77abd6.jpg  photo IMG_2798_zpscf67e26f.jpg  photo IMG_2799_zps2ea5cb98.jpg  photo IMG_2800_zps80d5e7c7.jpg

And here I am belly dancing. Or maybe it wasn't me?

 photo IMG_2803_zpsc80a0848.jpg  photo IMG_2804_zpsa05c9f8f.jpg

All too soon, it was time to leave the desert.

 photo IMG_2813_zps1a5c8600.jpg

On my last day in Dubai, I walked across the street from my hotel to visit the old fort that is now a museum. But first I had lunch. I couldn't read the menu, so I just pointed to a couple of words on page . . .

 photo IMG_2814_zps3bab05c9.jpg

 photo IMG_2815_zps5e50ff96.jpg  photo IMG_2818_zpsc853fe06.jpg  photo IMG_2819_zps594d5878.jpg  photo IMG_2820_zpsd9aa8a50.jpg  photo IMG_2821_zpsd9ceee52.jpg  photo IMG_2823_zps5d80a940.jpg

Because I bought a second suitcase, I needed to fill it up with one last shopping expedition . . .

 photo IMG_2829_zps3574daf5.jpg  photo IMG_2830_zpsd101c492.jpg  photo IMG_2831_zps2b38c395.jpg  photo IMG_2832_zps292e18c1.jpg  photo IMG_2833_zpsc1cdedb5.jpg

Good-bye, Dubai! I had an incredible time!!!

 photo IMG_2353_zps6088bb86.jpg


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