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Childen's Book Week is coming soon!

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The Children's Choice Book Awards Gala will help kick off the week, and I am sooooooo excited to host the show in New York City. (Squeeeee!!!) Plus, I get to hobnot with the literati glitterati presenter -- in addition to Tomie DePaola, the presenters include, Lois Lowry . . .

 photo IMG_2495_zps5ca233a2.jpg

Katherine Applegate . . .

 photo IMG_0606_zps55a10a11.jpg

Brian Selznick . . .

 photo IMG_0034_zps053c2d2b.jpg

Meg Cabot . . .

 photo IMG_0586_zpseabbef0a.jpg

Our National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, Walter Dean Myers . . .

 photo CIMG2941_zpsbd04e7a4.jpg

And Henry Winkler . . .

 photo CIMG1622_3_zps7fde2447.jpg

Plus, there will be lots more surprises in store. This is the final week of voting. You have until May 9th, so if you or your students, friends, family, haven't voted yet, CLICK HERE!!!

Speaking of books (that's rhetorical, because we are always speaking of books), here's more from the LA TIMES Festival of Books! So last blog, ALL THIS happened, and more. . .

 photo IMG_2958_zpsf5a090e1.jpg

And picking up where we left off, Lemony Snicket or Daniel Handler or neither or both, were on stage with Jon Klassen who played himself (as did Peepy) . . .

 photo IMG_3011_zps52095a7b.jpg  photo IMG_3008_zpsbfae1763.jpg  photo IMG_3012_zps343e5272.jpg  photo IMG_3017_zps1fb598ba.jpg  photo IMG_3018_zps0bf07623.jpg  photo IMG_3020_zps881c82fe.jpg

They were hysterical. I cannot begin to describe in words what they did, so you will just have to see them in person for yourself . . .

 photo IMG_3021_zps44ef0efd.jpg

On Sunday to meet up with KidLit pals, like Linda Urban, Katherine Applegate and Gary Schmidt (who was clad in plaid when we saw him last), who were on a panel that also included Kathryn Fitzmaurice

 photo IMG_3024_zps5de843b8.jpg  photo IMG_3025_zps108872d8.jpg

Then it was off to sign books at the USC Civic Engagement booth . . .

 photo IMG_3032_zpsb05d98af.jpg  photo IMG_3051_zpsd4bc64bc.jpg  photo IMG_3033_zpsa004e019.jpg  photo IMG_3038_zpsaca1d856.jpg  photo IMG_3039_zpsd3f501c9.jpg  photo IMG_3049_zpsacd8518d.jpg  photo IMG_3041_zpsefcde55d.jpg  photo IMG_3043_zpsd0300e14.jpg  photo IMG_3047_zps7ccf04ba.jpg  photo IMG_3044_zps7902b227.jpg  photo IMG_3046_zps5904f9c0.jpg

We were so happy to run into Aaron Hartzler and have him sign our copy of RAPTURE PRACTICE . . .

 photo IMG_3027_zpsb29f0961.jpg

Author Linda Urban had a reunion of sorts. A few years ago we were on a middle grade book panel together at the LA TIMES book fest! This time, we had had our own secret panel where we discussed geometry and global warming and other lofty things. Or maybe we talked books and writing and writing and more books . . .

 photo IMG_3054_zps64e64061.jpg  photo IMG_3056_zps63c8cb44.jpg  photo IMG_3052_zpseaf0f8a3.jpg

Here's the Publisher's Weekly photo round-up of the book festival. Peepy made it in one photo, but I did not. Now that's all she talks about!

Pssst. Hey! Ever wonder about the difference between Middle Grade and Young Adult books? Well, National Book Award winner Jeanne Birdsall has sorted it all out for us in this marvelous HORN BOOK essay.

And not only can Jeannie write, but she can throw a mean right hook, too!!!!

 photo IMG_4449.jpg  photo IMG_4448.jpg

CLICK HERE to find out about the chaos, above.


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