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Confidential Part Deux

When we last left off, Peepy and I were here. The conference continued with more hobnobbing. Well, at least for Peepy. I was working.

Here's Peeps with awesome artist and author and smek-y guy Adam Rex . . .

Here's Peeps with the-man-who-knows-everything-about-children's-books Leonard Marcus . . .

Here's Peeps with NY TIMES bestselling authors Mark Teague and Rachel Cohn (BTW, I had lunch with Rachel the day she found out that NICK AND NORAH'S ULTIMATE PLAYLIST was going to be a movie!) . . .

Later, Peepy calmed down long enough to sit in on the SCBWI Success Stories panel along with me, Jay Asher, Paula Yoo, Yuyi Morales and John Rocco. Here was my view from the stage . . .
And here's the view of the stage . . .
All of us had loooooong journeys to be the overnight successes that we are. And all of us owe a HUGE debt to the SCBWI for helping us find our way.

Afterward, there were more manuscript critiques and Peepy had a meeting with Writers House agent Steve Malk . . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(He didn't sign her on as a client, but she did get invited to his party.)

The next day it was time for this . . .

I moderated the Humor Panel and it was a blast. How could it not be with Newbery winner Sid Fleischman, SCBWI empress/author/producer Lin Oliver and multi-talented author-illustrator-pumkin-carver David LaRochelle all dispelling myths about humor and creating new ones. It was standing room only . . .

That evening, for the Paint the Town Red Gala, Peepy wore a couture outfit designed by Julie Winkler . . .

The gala was uber-totally-fantabulous My family came with me and, as before, were shocked at how rowdy children's book people can be! Here's Peeps with the costume winner, blogland's own Angela Fox . . .
(Peepy felt she should have won.)

Here I am with two of my fav people, Dan Santat who's cartoon series is THE REPLACEMENTS (AND he's illustrating my upcoming chapter book series -- wheeee!!!) and Emmy award-winning Sesame Street creative director and now Art Director for Simon & Schuster Laurent Linn BEFORE and AFTER we got into our gala costumes . . .
Photobucket Photobucket
(Um. Not really. That's Tina Nichlos Coury and her entourage. Tina won last year's costume contest.)

Such was the power of the children's lit world that night that the ENTIRE hotel lit up red . . .

Next blog: Revision Workshopping, Golden Kite Awards and Peepy Misbehaves

Until then, here's the trailer for NICK AND NORA. Enjoy!

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