December Blog-ed-ness Has Arrived (at last)!!!!

 photo Photoon12-10-14at5_zps9c9d1947.jpg

Wow, it's been a looooong time since my last blog. I would have blogged sooner, and I don't want to make any excuses, but aliens abducted me and I was orbiting Mars and the view was so pretty, plus there was a lot happening on my desk, and I got distracted.

 photo IMG_9097_zps8bba63bf.jpg

And then Newbery and Prinz committee member and kidlit scholar Rob Bittner visited from Canada and distracted me with food . . .

 photo IMG_8711_zps8968598d.jpg

So okay, let's see what Peepy and I have been up to. Yes! We visited the Twin Cities to keynote at the Minnesota SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). It began with a faculty dinner . . .

 photo IMG_8518_zps3927bcbb.jpg  photo IMG_8520_zpsafe90338.jpg

Then this the next day . . .

 photo IMG_8535_zps08131dd4.jpg  photo IMG_8531_zps45acb834.jpg

It's always fun seeing author Bruce Hale and Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic Associate Editor Emily Clement and discussing math and metrics and stuff . . .

 photo IMG_8527_zps2420ca54.jpg

Why, lookit -- there's the ever popular picture booker, Kelly Light!

 photo IMG_8532_zps84347639.jpg

My writing workshop students were muttering bitterly to themselves because I made them write and write, and then write even more. And more. And more* . . .

 photo IMG_8551_zps6f01dd90.jpg
*They did a fabulous job!!!!

Hello? Excuse me, but where do children's literature types hang out in the Twin Cities? Apparently at local favorite haunt Psycho Suzi's . . .

 photo IMG_8540_zps55983c5e.jpg  photo IMG_8541_zps7c111fff.jpg

Ah hem. Someone was given Minnesota swag!

 photo IMG_8521_zps6b368880.jpg

If you like books (and who doesn't???), you MUST visit the Kerlan Collection at the University of MN. This children's literature and research collection is curated by the amazing Lisa Von Drasek a.k.a. ALVD . . .

 photo IMG_8604_zps8ba390e4.jpg  photo IMG_8552_zpsd198e0ff.jpg  photo IMG_8561_zps87622283.jpg

Here you'll find, thousands of original papers from some of the biggest names in children's literature. Plus, my papers are there, too . . .

 photo IMG_8576_zps07430d4e.jpg  photo IMG_8555_zpsb413b4d3.jpg  photo IMG_8648_zps536f13c7.jpg  photo IMG_8646_zps894f0c0e.jpg  photo IMG_8645_zpsa4e17a42.jpg

We interrupt this blog to bring you yet another Dan Santat lunch. This time we are celebrating the publication of BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY) in China. (Um. I wore the same sweater to lunch knowing that it would be jammed between incidents during my Kerlan visit. Yes, that's it.)

 photo IMG_9139_zps62d50123.jpg

And now back to your regularly scheduled Kerlan update . . .

 photo IMG_8633_zpsc417f181.jpg  photo IMG_8632_zpsc7935e0f.jpg  photo IMG_8618_zps0898671f.jpg

My dear friend, and fellow Sid Fleishman Humor Award Winner David LaRochelle was with me at The Kerlan . . .

 photo IMG_8593_zpsf1f787a3.jpg  photo IMG_8609_zps05f20bd5.jpg  photo IMG_8608_zps63c2a81e.jpg  photo IMG_8610_zps0be6b867.jpg  photo IMG_8579_zpsecdd42a9.jpg

Here's more . . .

 photo IMG_8588_zpse682288f.jpg  photo IMG_8585_zpsdc96d505.jpg  photo IMG_8578_zps5b9f4483.jpg  photo IMG_8581_zps66e50fb0.jpg  photo IMG_8605_zps86b57be8.jpg  photo IMG_8606_zps3e1bcf98.jpg  photo IMG_8607_zpsa51be666.jpg

Paula Danzinger blurbed my first novel!!!

 photo IMG_8600_zps026d0bed.jpg

Later, it was lunch with David, author Cheryl Blackford and Lisa Lisa . . .

 photo IMG_8626_zps7f3cb9cf.jpg

After, David and I visited the famed Red Balloon children's bookstore, talked to bears, and then had a tasty snack . . .

 photo IMG_8658_zpsd803baec.jpg  photo IMG_8657_zps94e357d1.jpg  photo IMG_8661_zpsb9ea3d32.jpg  photo IMG_8656_zps4e9cf51a.jpg

On another day, it was food 'n' fun with children's lit scholar and professor Sarah Park Dahlen . . .

 photo IMG_8669_zps4b072c05.jpg

Sarah asked what I'd like to see and I said, "The library! Children's books! Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!" And so we did (two of the three). Here's the Minneapolis Central Library . . .

 photo IMG_8696_zps408931c5.jpg  photo IMG_8685_zpsc5b42579.jpg  photo IMG_8686_zps187bb211.jpg  photo IMG_8688_zps44aec9a1.jpg  photo IMG_8684_zps4445ae23.jpg

Then it was time for a Wild Rumpus and ice cream!!!!

 photo IMG_8671_zps77dd33cb.jpg  photo IMG_8673_zpse5de0a18.jpg  photo IMG_8697_zps204b3419.jpg

Back in Southern California a gaggle of authors and illustrators met for dinner to impress Australian author Rachel "R.A." Spratt, who misbehaved and put Peepy in peril . . .

 photo IMG_8395_zpsb6ec65a2.jpg  photo IMG_8397_zpsa6176f60.jpg

After dinner it was time for lunch with authors Susan Patron, Amy Goldman Koss and Ann Whitford Paul . . .

 photo IMG_8463_zps97e98e29.jpg

What's that?!!! Why, it's Kelly Milner Halls' newest book, GHOSTLY EVIDENCE. And look who has a story in it!!!

 photo Photoon10-3-14at5_zps222859a1.jpg

Close to home, we visited Clairbourn School and super librarian, Anita Knight. Here we are with author/illustrators Dan Santat (I think he's stalking me) and Salina Yoon . . .

 photo IMG_8855_zpsc051ac12.jpg  photo IMG_8839_zpseadb3210.jpg  photo IMG_8840_zpsc6b184e7.jpg  photo IMG_8849_zpsb6f76fce.jpg  photo IMG_8859_zps984605a4.jpg
(The Lisa Yee Lego was made with a 3D printer!!!)

I spoke to the middle school students . . .

 photo IMG_8844_zps2aa58ff8.jpg  photo IMG_8843_zps3906cd60.jpg  photo IMG_8845_zps74ba7b42.jpg

Then before or after or later there was lunch with author Michael Reisman . . .

 photo IMG_8449_zpsdce881de.jpg

Speaking of postcards for my upcoming YA novel, THE KIDNEY HYPOTHETICAL or how to ruin your life if seven days, there are these . . .

 photo Photoon9-18-14at5_zps0fc61f3a.jpg

What's that? Oh, a (yet another) literary lunch with Dan Santat and a literary dinner with my agent, Jodi Reamer . . .

 photo IMG_8868_zps333a5796.jpg  photo IMG_9017_zps07840b27.jpg

What? What's that? Lunch with someone other than Dan? Yes! It's author Amy Goldman Koss!!!

 photo IMG_8902_zpsefafdaa2.jpg

This year I judged the PEN USA awards (along with Amy) and attended the fancy schmancy awards ceremony in 90210 . . .

 photo IMG_8978_zpsa59819dc.jpg  photo IMG_8977_zps6cb19f1e.jpg

Oh yeah, the Girls are all here. Lena Dunham with celebrity Peepy and Moi . . .

 photo IMG_8971_zps30f86f10.jpg  photo IMG_8975_zps430585ad.jpg  photo IMG_8972_zpsf95c0780.jpg

There's Amy Poehler. She gave the Lifetime Achievement Award to me!!! Oops. I meant Norman Lear . . .

 photo IMG_8956_zps08af26d1.jpg

That's John Cusak on stage (not sure why he was there) . . .

 photo IMG_8996_zpsa4acbc83.jpg

Look!!! It's PEN winner Margarita Engle who wrote the magnificent THE LIGHTNING DREAMER, CUBA'S GREATEST ABOLITIONIST. The book made me weep, and it made my heart sing. GO READ IT!!!!

 photo IMG_8980-Version2_zps513fc56d.jpg

What's that? Why it's literary PEN swag . . .

 photo IMG_9012_zps73174c39.jpg

Yoo hoo! It's Children's/YA judges, Amy Goldman Koss, with Margarita and Moi . . .

 photo IMG_8951_zpsee4e169e.jpg

(Insert a clever transition of your choice here)

Suddenly, it was time for the . . . Hollywood Children's Book Fair!!!!

 photo IMG_8916_zps972ec608.jpg  photo IMG_8921_zps4e421139.jpg  photo IMG_8933_zps2f56f223.jpg  photo IMG_8917_zps5f0df78f.jpg

Beautiful and brilliant Book Fair producer Anji Williams presented me with this!!!

 photo IMG_8920_zps5ef18fe8.jpg  photo IMG_8923_zpscb47014e.jpg

And there's author(s) Cecil Castellucci and Scott Bly and Kristen Kittscher. . .

 photo IMG_8913_zps07fceb6a.jpg  photo IMG_8925_zps29df17fe.jpg  photo Image7_zps4d66d944.jpg

We emoted on the stage, reading from MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS with author Scott Bly playing Stanford Wong . . .

 photo IMG_8926_zpsc0a5379c.jpg

What's that? Another Dan Santat lunch?

 photo IMG_8908_zps7ac4fabc.jpg

Google, gaggle, gobble . . . yes!!! I took part in the International Reading Associations VERY FIRST Google Hangout (to spice things up, the events that appear in this blog are not in chronological order) . . .

 photo GoogleHangout_10-2014_600x600_proof2_zps358440f5.jpg  photo youtube_zps6bc2ec46.jpg

Whoop! I hopped a plane and headed to Texas -- Austin, to exact, for YALSA!!! And look who I ran into, author/professional YoYo-er Jonathan Auxier and Rob Bittner . . .

 photo IMG_9030_zpsc9b95cab.jpg

I got carried away with YA author Andrew Smith, and was reunited with other YA-ers Malindo Lo, Sara Zarr and Justina Chen, and oooooh, spooky author RL Stine and Scholastic's non-spooky Lizette Serrano . . .

 photo IMG_9032_zps17428ea1.jpg  photo IMG_9034_zpsdaccf924.jpg  photo IMG_9035_zps16bc63c4.jpg  photo IMG_9031_zpsf4329a88.jpg  photo IMG_9039_zpsa68a704e.jpg  photo IMG_9036_zps80b6b0b0.jpg

Now, here's the haps. Jonathan Auxier saw me in my Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly costume . . .
 photo IMG_8877_zps7860cf01.jpg
(Above: Me and animator/author/illustrator Bob Boyle with Dan Santat)

He bet me that if appeared on our YA panel dressed as Holly, he would sing all his comments to the tune of Moon River.

 photo IMG_9022_zps3adec74d.jpg  photo IMG_9044_zps12f02aa8.jpg

And I did, and he did!!!

Here's proof . . .

The view from the stage . . .

 photo IMG_9055_zps68e3c970.jpg

And here are the other panel members . . .

 photo IMG_9052_zps347f4bde.jpg

Oops, got carried away by Andrew Smith again . . .

 photo IMG_9054_zps6f3eefdd.jpg

And it's Audrey with Kelly Milner Halls and Bruce Coville, and Chris Barton . . .

 photo IMG_9050_zpsd827f7ba.jpg  photo IMG_9047_zps3d2d3f41.jpg

Finally, it was time to head home. (Austin was my last trip of 2014.) Who better way to share airport BBQ with than RL Stine?

 photo IMG_9063_zpse58eeb26.jpg

And finally, finally, someone (ME!!!) helped NPR select the Best Children's/YA Book of 2014 . . .

 photo npr_zps4a01672f.jpg

Here are the best of the best. And to see which ones were my picks go here for picture books/kids books and here for YA, and roll your curser over the titles to see who picked what, and why the book was selected!

For example:
 photo save_zpsa2b338a1.jpg

 photo Untitled_zpsdf56eee8.jpg
 photo ya_zps03c9b695.jpg


 photo IMG_8567_zps533dc34a.jpg  photo Image8_zpsa540e4a8.jpg
(I LOVE this photo of me and a fan at the Hollywood Children's Book Fest)


What's that? Yes! If you'd like an autographed book (they make great holiday presents!), order from Vroman's, tell them who you'd like me to sign it to, and they will mail it to you!"


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Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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Lisa's Super September Blog!!!

 photo Photoon9-3-14at12_zps95556f27.jpg

It seems like I was just home from Laramie, WY and studying the stars, when it was time to hit the road again.

This time, it was off to the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Summer Conference, hence to be known at the SCBWISCXYZ.

The SCBWI is the largest group of children's book writers and illustrators in the world, with over 22,000 members. I've been going to the conference for 14ish years, starting from before I was published. Now I attend as a Board Member and faculty. (I know! I can't believe it either.)

The night before the conference kicks off there's a faculty dinner. It's always fun to mingle and mash, although poor Peepy kept getting photobombed. Yes, she is that popular.

 photo IMG_7223_zps7676ca8f.jpg

Jay Asher and Cecil Yung, and Ilene Cooper and Julie Straus-Gabel, jumped into Peepy's shot . . .
 photo IMG_7222_zpsc7a43712.jpg  photo IMG_7229_zps885997a1.jpg

Sara Rutenberg looked refreshed as the conference first got underway . . .
 photo IMG_7230_zpsb1955f74.jpg

Aaron Becker finally got his photo taken with his favorite Peep . . .
 photo IMG_7225_zps57aaad72.jpg

But then, wanting more, he photobombed her with Megan McDonald and agent Jen Rofe, and then Arthur Levine and Martha Brokenbough did, too . . .
 photo IMG_7226_zpsbc18b121.jpg  photo IMG_7228_zps3f0c97ef.jpg

The next day was the March of the Faculty, where we went on stage and introduced ourselves to the 12 million-ish conference attendees . . .
 photo IMG_7236_zps56d66b51.jpg  photo IMG_7237_zps62d28780.jpg  photo IMG_7238_zps613563a0.jpg

Opening keynoter Meg Rosoff was AMAZING . . .
 photo IMG_7242_zps7e3846ce.jpg

Agent Andrea Penfold baked cookies for Peepy, and Golden Kite winner Tim Federle paid his repsect(s) to her . . .
 photo IMG_7246_zpsc4dfd6b5.jpg  photo IMG_7244_zpsc3f06c4c.jpg

Then Peepy was photobombed AGAIN, this time by Tim, Newbery winner Linda Sue Park and Jen, AND Newbery winner Susan Patron, Sonya Sones and SCBWI Queen, Lin Oliver . . .
 photo IMG_7245_zpsbb7c4484.jpg  photo IMG_7247_zpsb1995cbe.jpg

Speaking of Lin, she did a marvelous job (as always) hosting the conference, along with Stephen Mooser (hidden) . . .
 photo IMG_7240_zps4e4d0f5b.jpg

Perks of Being a Wallflower author/director Stephen Chobosky couldn't wait to meet Peepy, and then jumped into her shot with Jay Asher . . .
 photo IMG_7257_zpsfbd1707a.jpg  photo IMG_7260_zps18ff7f6d.jpg

I had a book for Stephen to sign, but didn't feel like trudging all the way up to my room to get it. So I asked him to sign a slip of paper, and he did . . .
 photo IMG_7261_zps48f25f76.jpg

Not to brag, but I have the best students. If you don't believe me, look . . .
 photo IMG_7304_zps9209b06a.jpg  photo IMG_7308_zpse9bf5946.jpg  photo IMG_7305_zps76f40810.jpg  photo IMG_7306_zps8213d6cb.jpg

Every year for the past 246 years, my editor, Arthur Levine and I have a conference lunch . . .
 photo IMG_7255_zps913bd80c.jpg

The food fest continued with dinner with Linda Sue Park (looking small because we hadn't added water yet) and her editor Dinah Stevenson . . .
 photo IMG_7263_zps15dd3676.jpg

We love looking at the illustrator portfolios. While the judging took place, EB Lewis photobombed Peepy, while Arthur photobombed EB . . .
 photo IMG_7281_zpsaf67ef0e.jpg  photo IMG_7278_zpsea190984.jpg

Of course, Marla Frazee and others industry insiders had to join in . . .
 photo IMG_7283_zpsc23b79f5.jpg photo IMG_7282_zpsc771f7c5.jpg

At the grand gala there was plenty of food and fun . . .
 photo IMG_7284_zps29661ee9.jpg  photo IMG_7294_zps628a6a0d.jpg

Lobby photobombing looks like this -- with Sara Etienne, Ken Min, Michael Reisman and Bob Boyle, Salina Yoon, Jen Rofe, Jamie Weiss Chilton and more . . .
 photo IMG_7290_zps9d3b8b13.jpg  photo IMG_7289_zps427bb2da.jpg

Later, during the multi-day conference, Peepy was still being photobombed wherever she went. Like from Newbery-er Cynthia Kadohata, and Ed Massesa, and who's that? Oh, JUDY BLUME (!!!) . . .
 photo IMG_7323_zps967c7d06.jpg  photo IMG_7285_zpsa4c227e1.jpg

 photo IMG_7331_zps4e4be84c.jpg  photo IMG_7330_zps2a2cee8e.jpg

It continued with Ruth Bradshaw and Dan Santat, and Stephen Mooser . . .
 photo IMG_7321_zpscff386d8.jpg  photo IMG_7333_zpsfa1a1837.jpg

More? Yes. Paul O. Zelinsky, Eugene Yelchin and Laurent Linn . . .
 photo IMG_7302_zpsc1fedde7.jpg

Oh hello, it's three Asian American authors, one Peep, this blogger, and two Newbery winners . . .
 photo IMG_7324_zpsd11fde90.jpg

After the conference, there was a SCBWI Board of Advisors meeting. Want to know what goes on behind closed doors? This . . .
 photo IMG_7343_zpsf7a853fa.jpg
(That's right. Ellen Hopkins.)

New board member, Laurie Halse Anderson, misbehaved, too . . .
 photo IMG_7342_zps7db8171c.jpg
Judy Blume couldn't stop photobombing, and editor Bonnie Bader was just getting started . . .
 photo IMG_7340_zpsef5e0920.jpg

It was all too much for Sara Rutenberg . . .
 photo IMG_7341_zps15d9b596.jpg

And at last, Peter Brown, who had been stalking Peepy throughout the entire conference, finally got his photo taken with her . . .
 photo Image_zps85b56019.jpg

The stress of all the photobombs made Peepy wish for calm. So we headed to Hawaii just in time for two hurricanes . . .
 photo IMG_7357_zps94663d3f.jpg

Anticipating everything being closed, we stocked up on food . . .
 photo IMG_7394_zps94d7e0c0.jpg  photo IMG_7373_zpsfde484cd.jpg

The hurricanes turned into storms, which later turned into beautiful weather . . .
 photo IMG_7392_zpsea02d8b5.jpg  photo IMG_7371_zps1089753e.jpg  photo IMG_7368_zps64e3bfcb.jpg

Still, the stocking up on food continued like poke and grilled garlic shrimp, and bbq, and . . .
 photo IMG_7372_zpsaa8bad3c.jpg  photo IMG_7389_zpsfd49170d.jpg  photo IMG_7365_zpsb64e327b.jpg  photo IMG_7397_zps622e5c71.jpg

We visited the Palace and ground, twice . . .
 photo IMG_7418_zps977a9f69.jpg  photo IMG_7418_zps977a9f69.jpg

There was this . . .
 photo IMG_7401_zps9c6fb1aa.jpg  photo IMG_7429_zps96d78b8d.jpg

Look! It's the Hawaii State Library!!!! (We LOVE libraries. Aloha, Suzanne!)

 photo IMG_7407_zpsc2831566.jpg  photo IMG_7412_zpse58ac13c.jpg  photo IMG_7415_zps52c5c6b4.jpg  photo IMG_7409_zpsd557e75b.jpg  photo IMG_7410_zpsae6b973d.jpg  photo IMG_7408_zps606350e2.jpg

Aloha, beaches!!!

 photo IMG_7495_zpsd45fe767.jpg  photo IMG_7493_zpsc00d2bca.jpg  photo IMG_7509_zps2a0b4bbc.jpg  photo IMG_7535_zps5705f7fd.jpg  photo IMG_7489_zpse5b6d902.jpg

 photo IMG_7576_zps5dc470d6.jpg  photo IMG_7535_zps5705f7fd.jpg  photo IMG_7549_zps42936db4.jpg

The food fest continued . . .
 photo IMG_7398_zpsbb91ea7c.jpg  photo IMG_7439_zps0abde38b.jpg  photo IMG_7458_zps3076a6fd.jpg  photo IMG_7459_zps87b107b9.jpg

Mmmmmm . . . shave ice!!! In my American Girl books, Kanani's family owns a shave ice/bakery/candy store!

 photo IMG_7431_zps7b731c47.jpg  photo IMG_7611_zps71c20f91.jpg  photo IMG_7617_zps78474551.jpg

 photo IMG_7613_zps17c90fb9.jpg  photo IMG_7623_zps8a3549df.jpg

Yes, I walked on lava, plus got to see the #1 Hawaiian Monk Seal expert in the world, Dr. Charles Littnan --- We met when I wrote about the monk seals in the Kanani books . . .
. . .
 photo IMG_7447_zps1e110940.jpg  photo IMG_7444_zpsc3ee6598.jpg

Um, more food . . .
 photo IMG_7488_zps674df1ce.jpg  photo IMG_7658_zpscae4e77c.jpg  photo IMG_7660_zps5cc2a076.jpg  photo IMG_7642_zps4416a191.jpg

More beach . . .
 photo IMG_7576_zps5dc470d6.jpg  photo IMG_7582_zpsd107c44c.jpg  photo IMG_7593_zpse4ef5afe.jpg  photo IMG_7575_zps36a02516.jpg

More fun . . .
 photo IMG_7656_zps03eaf868.jpg  photo IMG_7653_zps90bf14df.jpg  photo IMG_7652_zps84a82832.jpg

Aloha also means good-bye . . .

 photo IMG_7632_zps1c3ab580.jpg  photo IMG_7466_zps550a9dfd.jpg

However, soon it was time to go home, do laundry, and then head back to New York . . .

 photo IMG_7707_zps914d1b15.jpg  photo IMG_7709_zps309db0f9.jpg

Why were we there? For Scholastic Teacher Week, of course! We were on a diversity panel. Peepy met a friend in the Green Room before we went on, and I got to reconnect with panelists Varian Johnson and Sharon Robinson, and moderator Cheryl Klein (with Peepy) . . .

 photo IMG_7715_zpsa003e5cd.jpg  photo IMG_7719_zpsb65b36f1.jpg  photo IMG_7720_zpsd0c560af.jpg

We were joined by by Sonia Manzano, Maria from Sesame Street!
 photo IMG_7726_zps71ac2b1c.jpg

 photo IMG_7721_zps32ae9ab2.jpg  photo IMG_7722_zpsbc79667f.jpg

There was a book signing, and Scholastic Store General Manager Michael Strouse arranged for the Teacher Week bags to match my dress . . .
 photo IMG_7736_zps665b97ba.jpg
 photo IMG_7729_zps5a532015.jpg

After, it was lunch with my agent, Jodi Reamer. Dan Santat couldn't join us, but the series he illustrated did . . .
 photo IMG_7745_zps3cbb8d65.jpg

Of course, we had to eat, right?

 photo IMG_7713_zpse8fad384.jpg  photo IMG_7711_zps866337e9.jpg

Later, it was off to see Cabaret . . .
 photo IMG_7754_zps862b17bb.jpg  photo IMG_7759_zpsfda23da0.jpg

After, Alan Cumming, who starred in the show, along with Michelle Williams, insisted on having his photo taken with Peepy . . .
 photo IMG_7771_zps300acd48.jpg  photo IMG_7770_zps5a90a6db.jpg  photo IMG_7766_zps5d15e572.jpg

We ended our NY jaunt with a trip to Juniors. I couldn't decide on the cheesecake or chocolate cake, so I got both . . .
 photo IMG_7774_zps414fba5e.jpg

Then it was back home to collapse.

Speaking of collapsing, I was going to add hot links to everyone's names and such. However, the last time I did it (and it took HOURS) for whatever reason the links didn't work. So this time, I'm not doing it to see if maybe they will work magically.


Oh, look! If you'd like an autographed book, order from Vroman's, tell them who you'd like me to sign it to, and they will mail it to you!"


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Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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Lisa's Totally Exciting and Interesting July Blog

 photo Photoon7-1-14at10_zpsae2c2b83.jpg

Whoa! How did it get to be July already? Didn't we just have June blog?

 photo IMG_6424_zps6782f8f4.jpg

Recently, National Public Radio asked me to come up with books involving travel for their Summer "Book Your Trip" series . . .

 photo trip_zpsf9a689e0.jpg

You can read my recommendations and others HERE. (Click on the transportation icons to read about books that have that mode of transportation as part of its storyline.)

LOOK! Here are some of the books I wrote about . . .

 photo IMG_6408_zpse98169e7.jpg

Some of you may remember when I did this by accident . . .

 photo 1526407_10201532367643771_720346313_n_zps7353c857.jpg
(I accidentally replaced ALL the blank spaces in my novel with the word "long." And then, in a panic, I hit "save.)

Well, brilliant young thespian Finn Davis did a reading of it -- and it's ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!!

You can LISTEN HERE. (I couldn't figure out how to embed audio, so I made a video of his recording, and my piggy friend, Kevin Bacon, helped me.)

Because St. Louis is awesome, Peepy and I went back specifically to visit TWO amazing places. The first was the newly renovated St. Louis Public Library.

 photo IMG_6526_zpsa074259f.jpg  photo IMG_6528_zps38173b74.jpg  photo IMG_6537_zps341c9221.jpg  photo IMG_6538_zps811dc96b.jpg

The last time I was at the library, it was for the Read It Forward program, and Absolutely Maybe was the featured book! Here's a look back . . .

 photo IMG_2298.jpg

This time, I was totally discombobulated because when I entered the Teen Room, I saw a giant poster of one of my books!

 photo IMG_6533_zpsd72931dd.jpg  photo IMG_6532_zpseddbee17.jpg

Of course, Peepy wanted to talk to Nathan Schubert who works in the Teen Lounge . . .

 photo IMG_6536_zps1c19afe0.jpg

Look! The illustrator of my Bobby books, my lunch pal Dan Santat did this . . .

 photo IMG_6529_zps2039457b.jpg

And here's more library . . .

 photo IMG_6531_zpscd433c29.jpg  photo IMG_6530_zpse75673c8.jpg  photo IMG_6539_zpsd0c73335.jpg  photo IMG_6540_zps4b5ffb6c.jpg

 photo IMG_6541_zps3966999c.jpg

Now, if you visit St. Louis, Ted Drewes has the most awesome frozen custard, isn't that right, Katie Wools? (I had a "concrete" of lemon custard mixed with pineapple and Heath Bar.)

 photo IMG_6514_zps9d2167d5.jpg

On our way to our second YOU-HAVE-TO-VISIT-THIS-PLACE, we passed a hat shop . . .

 photo IMG_6544_zpsd03216b4.jpg  photo IMG_6542_zpsaf39cb6f.jpg

Then it was time for CITY MUSEUM!!!

 photo newcover_zpsc62a72ca.jpg

It's an old shoelace factory, and they still manufacture them . . .

 photo IMG_6570_zps95317110.jpg

I've been there twice before as seen here and here . . .

 photo IMG_4368_zps9f49ff94.jpg

But wanted to go back again. Here's why . . .

 photo IMG_6545_zps76f269d4.jpg  photo IMG_6551_zps8f0c0f97.jpg  photo Peepy_zps80241b34.jpg  photo jump_zpsce6080e8.jpg

So many salvaged and saved parts of St. Louis have retired here . . .

 photo IMG_6572_zpsf977fb7a.jpg  photo IMG_6579_zps0f83ea5f.jpg  photo IMG_6573_zps222b0211.jpg  photo IMG_6574_zpsdb07b566.jpg

 photo IMG_6576_zps4a949d10.jpg  photo IMG_6578_zps9f05b71d.jpg

Bugs!!! Robots!!!!

 photo IMG_6580_zps60adf9d2.jpg  photo IMG_6581_zpsfc47ced6.jpg  photo IMG_6584_zps390d052b.jpg

Carny stuff!!! Kitsch stuff!!!

 photo IMG_6586_zpsd30ad721.jpg  photo IMG_6590_zps8a9714be.jpg  photo IMG_6593_zpsa6d20101.jpg

Ooooh, you can make things . . .

 photo IMG_6597_zpsbb415da0.jpg  photo IMG_6600_zps2ecf78bb.jpg

This awesome City Museum art-person is also a member of the League of Lady Arm Wrestlers. How cool is that?

 photo IMG_6608_zps10cea991.jpg

If you like exploring and climbing, you can hike up and then go down a TEN STORY SLIDE IN THE DARK . . .

 photo IMG_6614_zpsa39657f2.jpg

And climb/crawl up wire tunnels up to the sky where the airplanes fly and giant bugs live . . .

 photo IMG_6624_zps4cea3826.jpg  photo IMG_6630_zpsfc8a0900.jpg  photo IMG_6637_zpsef28db1c.jpg  photo IMG_6661_zps08e56ca1.jpg  photo IMG_6663_zpsc203c725.jpg  photo IMG_6685_zps53aa5c31.jpg

See? What did I say? Awesome, isn't it?

Later, we ventured over to The Loop . . .

 photo IMG_6701_zpsad7d7bde.jpg

We bought art from a vending machine for $5. (The last time I bought vending machine art was HERE where I also had the best BBQ of my life). We also admired the cake(s) that are all over and decorated for the city's 250th birthday and had a local root beer . . .

 photo IMG_6688_zpscf7b2c19.jpg  photo IMG_6690_zpsf0f5c57f.jpg  photo IMG_6693_zpsabed316a.jpg

Dinner was at Chuck Berry's Blueberry Hill. He was jealous of Peepy . . .

 photo IMG_6691_zpse112c1d8.jpg  photo IMG_6698_zps849b8d05.jpg  photo IMG_6699_zpsa867838a.jpg

This was dessert . . .

 photo IMG_6704_zps82fa36a2.jpg

And so was this . . .

 photo IMG_6518_zps3bd45193.jpg
(The iron burn in the carpet was already in the hotel room. The GOOEY BUTTER CAKE was not. However, the burn mark remains. The Gooey Buttercake is now gone.)

Now, lest you think my life is all fun and games, I have oodles of important meetings I must attend. For example, my agent, Jodi Reamer, and I have an Annual Summit at an undisclosed location . . .

 photo DL_zps0fc5d49c.jpg

Here's proof of prior Annual Summits, here and here and here and . . . well you get it.

This time, as always, we discussed work, and did math, and refused to fun since we are all business. . .

 photo IMG_6747_zpsc6d34099.jpg  photo IMG_6771_zps235afb67.jpg  photo IMG_6751_zps19e4240f.jpg  photo IMG_6750_zps66f2dfd5.jpg  photo IMG_6779_zps71232f0b.jpg  photo IMG_6778_zpsb2d1370b.jpg  photo IMG_6766_zpsdf9ad183.jpg  photo IMG_6767_zpsd5509c05.jpg

We also eat and take selfies, for business reasons, of course . . .

 photo IMG_6759_zpsfe5296ae.jpg  photo IMG_6776_zps91fbba0b.jpg  photo IMG_6790_zps99fff1d3.jpg  photo IMG_6791_zps3291cfdd.jpg

Who did I eat those scallops with? (Besides my agent?) Why, Julie Strauss-Gabel, that's who. Julie is John Green's editor and I'm only mentioning that because of shameless name dropping . . .

 photo CIMG1651_2_zps8a1bf4eb.jpg
(Here's a way back interview I did with John Green before he became John Green.)

But back to food. Here's a lovely shot of Julie, Jodi and me before we had a slug-fest over the chocolate cake in the pink princess treasure chest . . .

 photo IMG_6793_zps386ba9e9.jpg

Speaking of eating, Mo Willems was in town via Paris where he currently resides. Peepy's been to Paris, too. Here she is on the set of Hugo . . .

 photo IMG_0609.jpg

Oops. Digression. Back to Mo. He was heading to ALA. However, between flights he met Bob Boyle and Tom Warburton and Moi for sushi . . .

 photo Mo_zps21053c97.jpg

Speaking of character development (pretend we were), here's a short video of me babbling about how I create my characters for my books. CLICK HERE.

Look! Leigh Bardugo had a book launch party for Ruin and Rising<.a> at one of my fave indies, The Last Bookstore.Check this out.

And here's the party!

 photo IMG_6503_zpsf9cdd50e.jpg  photo IMG_6496_zpsfee33979.jpg  photo IMG_6499_zpsb7ad8470.jpg  photo IMG_6500_zpsfddfd088.jpg

There was a hobnob of authors present. Here's me and Victoria Forester, and me and Michael Reisman, and me and Lissa Price . . .

 photo IMG_6506_zps0b284019.jpg

And finally, a tearful farewell to Scholastic's own John Mason, director of library and educational marketing. I first met John in 2003 when my novel Millicent Min, Girl Genius debuted, and he was with me through the publication of all eight of my Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic novels. Happy retirement, John. You will be missed . . .

 photo IMG_6400_zps0d9670f7.jpg


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Lisa's Super Fancy and Smart June Blog

 photo 4-upon5-25-14at6_zpsb53cff5e.jpg

Want an agent? Want to know how I got my Writers House agent, Jodi Reamer . . .

 photo IMG_0945-Version2_zpsba5b741b.jpg

Here's how.

So then, not long ago I was in NY . . .

 photo IMG_5713_zps775c2180.jpg

Of course, one of the places "Peepy I visited was the New York Public Library . . .

 photo IMG_5753_zpsbbc17162.jpg  photo IMG_5754_zps8a5d1f86.jpg  photo IMG_5756_zps19f1c972.jpg

Luckily, Peepy did not get lost this time. Instead, we marveled over THE ABCs of IT: WHY CHILDREN'S BOOK MATTER exhibit . . .

 photo IMG_5752_zps9368fe34.jpg  photo IMG_5750_zps11002e04.jpg

Here's what we saw . . .

 photo IMG_5751_zps8a6ff463.jpg  photo IMG_5748_zps14311089.jpg  photo IMG_5749_zpsbf42cf05.jpg  photo IMG_5736_zpsa6b8efba.jpg  photo IMG_5738_zps9eb0c617.jpg  photo IMG_5741_zpsf5d57800.jpg  photo IMG_5737_zps404bbfc6.jpg  photo IMG_5739_zps24104ef4.jpg  photo IMG_5743_zps6587adbb.jpg  photo IMG_5742_zps90e35566.jpg

We interrupt this tour to bring you our newest pillow. It's Alice in Wonderland. I know! I got it here.

 photo pillow_zpse0134ff0.jpg

And now back to the NY Public Library . . .
 photo IMG_5745_zpse49db857.jpg  photo IMG_5746_zpsee398ecc.jpg  photo IMG_5744_zps40c5b218.jpg  photo IMG_5732_zps0284f6ff.jpg  photo IMG_5747_zps55f7177e.jpg  photo IMG_5734_zpsf79fc0c4.jpg

You should go. Hurry. It ends September 26, 2014.

Last month we celebrated the 95th Birthday of Children's Book Week . . .

 photo CBW-champion-FINAL-1_zpsb168bacb.jpg

Last year, I was honored to host the Awards Gala, as blogged here.

 photo IMG_3331_zps45ca3ee6.jpg
(Above: With Henry Winkler)

This year, our National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, Kate DiCamillo hosted. Here's a video I made to help celebrate. BTW, that dragon head on my head was custom made for me by a fan!

Then a couple weeks ago I visited Northampton, MA, where oodles of children's book people work their magic. Don't believe me? Here's proof of residency . . .

National Book Award winner, the beautiful and talented Jeanne Birdsall . . .

 photo IMG_6229_zps383e02b5.jpg

Pssst ... fun fact. Jeanne moonlights as my body guard. Yes! She is the captan of Team Yee, and a couple-ish years ago, when a sketchy person tried to get to Peepy, she intervened and saved us!

 photo IMG_4449.jpg  photo IMG_4448.jpg  photo IMG_4447.jpg  photo IMG_4444.jpg

TED Talk sensation, author/illustrator Jarrett Krozsocka and I work out on the stair machine . . .

 photo IMG_6234_zps7709cd4c.jpg

If you haven't seen Jarrett's Ted Talk yet, you must. Here it is.

Bestselling author Angela DiTerlizzi (practically) made this Very Hungry Caterpillar susho for me . . .

 photo IMG_6199_zps8421ca66.jpg

Newbery Honoree Grace Lin shows me how to take selfies . . .

 photo grace_zps420944c6.jpg

Author/gallery owner and Northampton Poet Laureate Richard Michelson offers to give me all the Dr. Suess art for free . . .

 photo IMG_6201_zps3e3fa345.jpg

Wonderful YA/MG author Ellen Wittlinger and I eat breakfast for lunch . . .

 photo IMG_6208_zps554455e4.jpg

Later, I stopped by the Montague Bookmill. Love that place! For you booklovers, here are more photos from my last visit.jeann

 photo IMG_6277_zps38a1e504.jpg  photo IMG_6275_zps02d67e1b.jpg

Then it was off to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Artwhy ch . . .

 photo IMG_6273_zps72db98af.jpg

Oh, and lest you think I only eat with authors on the East Coast, not true. Look . . . here I am having lunch with international bestseller Lissa Price . . .

 photo Image_zps5225b485.jpg

And this year's Thurber House Children's Writer-in-Residence Kristen Kittscher . . .

 photo IMG_6145_zps6751b158.jpg

Look! It's Newbery Committeer Rob Bittner (he's my Guardian Angel), with Nathan Pachal and overly way too too prolific author Andrew Smith . . .

 photo IMG_6165_zps55ab66db.jpg

Fib much? It's sushi time with THE 14 FIBS OF GREGORY K. author, Greg Pincus!

 photo IMG_6181_zpsb6786b65.jpg

Even though California Bookstore Day was last month, I think it should be everyday, don't you? Here's Moi with Once Upon A Time owner Maureen Palacios . . .

 photo IMG_6155_zpsab93a8d1.jpg

A few days ago, I saw the play Death of an Author . . . and survived!

 photo IMG_6326_zps03634ca5.jpg

Oops! If you missed the book launch party for Dan Santat's THE ADVENTURES OF BEEKLE, don't despair, you can still get the book at your local bookstore!

 photo IMG_6063_zpsab8cb172.jpg  photo IMG_6064_zps440f710a.jpg  photo IMG_6054_zpsf78e0d32.jpg

And finally, some sad news. My American Girl doll Ivy Ling will be retired. The good news is that you will still be able to get the book, GOOD LUCK, IVY from American Girl.

 photo IMG_3890_zps048a224c.jpg

(BTW, I am aware that I am wore the same dress to the play and to the book launch and in the photo above. It's not like I don't have anything else to wear, but I don't have anything else to wear.)


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A Rambling Rant on Race and Writing

It started with THIS. A call to the public to post why we need diverse books. So I did this and posted it on Twitter and Facebook . . .

 photo Photoon5-1-14at12_zpsde47a7b7.jpg

Then some of my Facebook friends asked me a question. And I posted that, too.

 photo Untitled_zps1533c0df.jpg

I was heartened to see how passionately people felt about this subject, and how many shared their thoughts. And now, here are mine . . .

As one of my editors, Cheryl Klein, noted in the Facebook comments, I have written outside my race multiple times in my novels Absolutely Maybe, Warp Speed, and others. Hell, I have written outside my religion, my sex, my sexual orientation, my political beliefs, my geographical upbringing, my height. Why? Because I am an artist, not a autobiographist (is that a word?).

I am not an Asian author. I am an author who is Asian. There is a difference.

I believe that it is every artist's right to determine what they create and not have that dictated to them. I've heard that I've let readers down because my books were not "Asian enough." WTF? One critic wrote that I had missed the mark because my middle school characters did not discuss race. Um. No.

Being Asian doesn't make you an expert on all things Asian, any more than researching does. I've written three books for American Girl featuring Asian Americans. Each time, we also consulted with experts on things like Chinese school (because even though I am Chinese, I never went to one).

You have to get it right -- whether you are writing about your race or someone else's. This also goes for religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ownership of particular breed of dog, everything. There is nothing more insulting to a reader than if a writer gets things wrong. You will instantly lose your credibility, and your readers will abandon you, and some people will think you are stupid.

It is arrogant to think that just because you sympathize with someone or something, that makes you an expert.

Don't automatically assume you know exactly how someone else feels. Because you don't, any more than I would know exactly how a LGBTQ kid or a Holocaust survivor feels.

Do not presume -- but do dare to imagine.

And then talk to people. Talk to people who know more than you do about your subject. Talk to them in person. On the phone. Through emails and letters. Googling is not enough.

As for needing/wanting more authors who are POC (and by the way, I hate that phrase - People of Color, but I suppose it's not as bad as what it really means -- PWANW a.k.a. People Who Are Not White) yes. Yes, we need them. Yes.

Why? Because there is an innate knowledge that one can gain from experience, from living a life one writes about. But more than that, look at this. Look at this again. And again. This upsets me . . .

 photo books_zps3098e7ee.jpg

When I was growing up, there were no Asian American authors I knew of. I had no role models. There were no books about people like me, a third generation Chinese American girl growing up in the suburbs. The most famous Asian American I knew of was Connie Chung, and she wasn't a writer. So, yes, we do need more POC authors, and more LGBTQ authors, and more diverse authors.

That's not to say that one cannot write outside their race/ethnicity, but it is to say that the numbers of POC authors are dismal. We need to encourage publishers, book buyers, readers, to be less exclusive and more inclusive.

Phew. This has been a long rambling rant, and I've probably contradicted myself several times over. If so, it's because I am still trying to figure things out.

So, can a person write outside their race/ethnicity?


Do we need more POC authors?


And I done with my rant about race and writing?

Yes. For now.


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A Spring Explosion from Peepy, James Thurber and Moi

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of staying at Thurber House, where humorist/author James Thurber spent part of his youth.

 photo IMG_5861_zps22380e63.jpg

It was a homecoming of sorts for me, having been the 2007 Thurber House Children's Writer-in-Residence. It was so wonderful to see my old friends (as in I've known them for seven years) Pat Shannon and Meg Brown . . .

 photo IMG_5901_zps1e85b88c.jpg

I stayed in the attic apartment, and since Pat had gifted me with a pack of purple marshmallow Peeps, it was only fitting that I blow them up in the microwave -- with an assist from James Thurber and Peepy . . .

 photo IMG_5868_zpsd8ff52fc.jpg  photo IMG_5947_zpsea967314.jpg

But first, this. Near Thurber House, in the Germantown section for Columbus, OH, is a most marvelous used/new bookstore, The Book Loft.
 photo IMG_5905_zps649f07cb.jpg  photo IMG_5908_zps92d8761d.jpg  photo IMG_5910_zps649df18a.jpg  photo IMG_5915_zps79ba19ca.jpg  photo IMG_5919_zps454cb049.jpg  photo IMG_5920_zps9c10b1f7.jpg  photo IMG_5906_zps0937ff34.jpg  photo IMG_5918_zps415b7841.jpg  photo IMG_5907_zps4da316d0.jpg  photo IMG_5909_zps105dfbfd.jpg  photo IMG_5912_zpsc643f1c2.jpg

And here's Thurber House . . .

 photo IMG_5923_zps3f3cfdd9.jpg  photo IMG_5938_zps1124e0f0.jpg  photo IMG_5928_zpse58b56d8.jpg  photo IMG_5937_zps63409c9d.jpg  photo IMG_5929_zps39da4ab9.jpg  photo IMG_5921_zps1845b304.jpg  photo IMG_5940_zpsc24a0098.jpg  photo IMG_5936_zpse7bc999d.jpg

 photo IMG_5872_zpsb7ae2ad9.jpg  photo IMG_5870_zpsbbb2bc09.jpg  photo IMG_5869_zps1bc7fbb3.jpg  photo IMG_5871_zps1323c285.jpg  photo IMG_5866_zpscd643491.jpg

Here are some of the authors who have visited Thurber House . . .

 photo IMG_5873_zps1eb722af.jpg  photo IMG_5867_zpsda2253d7.jpg  photo IMG_5875_zps27e592c2.jpg  photo IMG_5875_zps27e592c2.jpg  photo IMG_5876_zps05135f57.jpg  photo IMG_5878_zps9ea18fb7.jpg  photo IMG_5879_zpsa31ba7d5.jpg  photo IMG_5877_zps79d6e346.jpg

Now, in honor of Easter Peeps and Spring and whatnot, there's this . . .

 photo IMG_5947_zpsea967314.jpg  photo IMG_5948_zps0ece151d.jpg  photo IMG_5949_zps44679687.jpg  photo IMG_5950_zps245f02ab.jpg  photo IMG_5952_zps7e62a9cc.jpg  photo IMG_5953_zps8ce9d0e6.jpg  photo IMG_5956_zps13a021ac.jpg  photo IMG_5957_zps7753f7e0.jpg  photo IMG_5959_zps363ca916.jpg  photo IMG_5960_zps42de632b.jpg  photo IMG_5961_zps65180626.jpg  photo IMG_5962_zps4a060869.jpg

Want to see a video of Peeps being blown up in the microwave? Here's one!


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The Ultimate Children's/YA Challenge -- The Reamer Rib-Off

I was in New York recently, and so was my pal and BOBBY illustrator Dan Santat. Our mutual Writers House agent, Jodi Reamer, has dined with us on many occasions . . .

 photo 7b11adf1.jpg

Only this time would be different. Yes! Jodi set up a mega meat challenge -- The Reamer Rib-Off.

Dan vs. Alec Shane (Jodi's assistant and junior agent). I was there as a celebrity judge. Well, okay, I was there as a judge. Also in attendance as referee was editor Connie Hsu, who just left Little Brown and is now at Roaring Brook. What we witnessed was nothing short of amazing (and gross). So I thought that pictures would tell the story better than words . . .

 photo IMG_5759_zpse229cfcf.jpg  photo IMG_5760_zps36bbf1b1.jpg

 photo IMG_5762_zps4c478018.jpg
(Alec Shane)

 photo IMG_5763_zpsfad85c3b.jpg
(Dan Santat)

 photo IMG_5764_zps66bb6c91.jpg

 photo IMG_5767_zpsfbe9bb65.jpg  photo IMG_5768_zps25f2d740.jpg  photo IMG_5785_zps61c7ba84.jpg  photo IMG_5777_zps25b5c325.jpg  photo IMG_5776_zpsfa24b02e.jpg  photo IMG_5774_zpsdb82b3fa.jpg

At one point the chefs and staff at Blue Smoke came out to cheer the carnivores on . . .

 photo IMG_5797_zpsbd2a8611.jpg  photo IMG_5803_zps56c653df.jpg  photo IMG_5801_zps303767e3.jpg

It kept going . . .

 photo IMG_5790_zpsbcb32f99.jpg  photo IMG_5786_zpsb4dc6ec2.jpg  photo IMG_5806_zpsa18c10f8.jpg  photo IMG_5780_zpsa4c43ca7.jpg  photo IMG_5782_zps300d0eb0.jpg  photo IMG_5790_zpsbcb32f99.jpg

Dan won with a total of TWENTY THREE ribs. Alec weighed in at NINTEEN . . .

 photo IMG_5792_zps9d071a7a.jpg  photo IMG_5795_zps0f3295d1.jpg  photo IMG_5804_zps04d56447.jpg  photo IMG_5789_zpsd02912af.jpg

 photo IMG_5786_zpsb4dc6ec2.jpg  photo IMG_5808_zps865a6248.jpg

There were prizes . . . .

 photo IMG_5810_zps48bea909.jpg

And like a true champion, when the Reamer Rib-Off was over, Dan had dessert . . .

 photo IMG_5778_zpsd26c36c2.jpg

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March Blogged-ness, Here Now!!!!

So then, when last we blogged this was going on . . .

 photo blog_zps5dc246b5.jpg

Since then, lots has been happening, only we've been . . .

1) Too busy
2) Too lazy
3) Too sleepy
4) Too, too

and therefore, have fallen off the blog wagon.

However, we're back!

Okay, why? What's up, you ask, or I ask, or someone asks. Well, here's the haps . . .

Recently, Peepy and flew into San Jose . . .

 photo IMG_5322_zps772d06f6.jpg

And visited Christa McAuliffe School . . .

 photo IMG_5310_zps421b8683.jpg  photo IMG_5311_zps49e92686.jpg  photo IMG_5302_zps4a373041.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zps227aa3c2.jpg

Principal Rick Yee (no relation to Moi that I know of), was a good sport. Plus, I tricked him. And he read the part of Stanford Wong onstage with me as we acted out a library/food scene from Millicent Min, Girl Genius . . .

 photo IMG_5313_zpsd5d814ef.jpg  photo IMG_5312_zps79932c54.jpg  photo IMG_5319_zps7ec798c6.jpg  photo IMG_5315_zpsbf6675fd.jpg  photo IMG_5316_zpsba678bcd.jpg

I had such a blast and it's fair to say that Peepy did too . . .

 photo IMG_5305_zpsfa161a8a.jpg

The weather was FREEZING back in Los Angeles. Well, it was in the 60s. So when I met up with my American Girl editor, Jennifer Hirsch, to hike up to the Griffith Park Observatory, I wore a coat. She's from Wisconsin, so to her the weather was lovely . . .

 photo IMG_5330_zpsdb5b2ac5.jpg

It's aways great visiting the Observatory, and part of Absolutely Maybe takes place there!

On Read Across America Day, Peepy and I headed over to Temple City's Emperor Elementary were we were warmly welcomed . . .

 photo IMG_5350_zpsa87787c0.jpg  photo IMG_5354_zps3fd988e9.jpg  photo IMG_5356_zps9feff595.jpg  photo IMG_5357_zpsd98d73ab.jpg  photo IMG_5371_zps7b8b12d6.jpg

My parents had joined me that evening, and I was so glad because uber librarian Tim Rodriguez surprised me with a Congressional Recognition!!!

 photo IMG_5362_zps1480ccdb.jpg  photo IMG_5376_zpsc8381476.jpg

Who's that at the Women's Business Summit? Why, it's me (Peepy's sleeping) and Pasadena Advertising's Suzanne Marks. I discussed social media and math. But only one of those.

 photo IMG_5404_zps565dd4f2.jpg  photo IMG_5401_zpsc6eefd37.jpg  photo IMG_5405_zpsc1807428.jpg

Recently, I chaperoned the South Pasadena High School Academic Decathlon Team to California State Finals in Sacramento. They took 7th place out of over 500 teams. Not bad for a school who attended their first competition just last year.

While in Sacramento, I got to do some sightseeing in Locke, the historical Chinatown area . . .

 photo IMG_5646_zpse6dcf189.jpg  photo IMG_5640_zpsae3254a0.jpg  photo IMG_5636_zps6b774750.jpg  photo IMG_5635_zpsb06c8435.jpg  photo IMG_5632_zpsb55c9497.jpg

And back home, food-wise, this happened . . .
 photo IMG_5426_zps2701d1e5.jpg  photo IMG_5424_zps86a52f28.jpg

Speaking of Daylight Savings Time (I have still not recovered from it), these illustrators have adjusted nicely and are able to stay awake when sharing a meal with me . . .

 photo IMG_5447_zpsc6e49a5a.jpg

But not these guys . . .

 photo IMG_5254_zps1c02cff6.jpg  photo IMG_5388_zps2dfa42e0.jpg
(That's Dan Santat, and that's Bob Boyle.)

And this is Bob Boyle and Dan Santat and me starring in an Oscar-caliber mini-movie-documentary-about-Bob-Boyle!!!

Look! Who's that? Why, it's me being a dragon or a reader or an author or someone.
 photo dragn_zps8bd44307.jpg

Why? Because voting is starting for the Children's Choice Book Awards!!! (I'll post the video I did for this year's Children's Book Week, later.)

In the meantime . . . CLICK HERE NOW!!!! and be part of Children's Book Week!!!
 photo CBW-READ-childrens_FINAL_zps98022cce.gif
 photo CBW-champion-FINAL_zps82bc6ea7.gif


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Super Fancy End-of-2013 Blog-o-Rama


Well, hello welcome to our annual End-of-Year-Blog-Round-Up!!!!.

 photo blog_zps5dc246b5.jpg

Before we begin rounding up (er, technically, wouldn't it be rounding down?) the year, here are a couple of TOTALLY AWESOME things that happened in December:

Firstly, NRP. That's right. National Public Radio. My favorite radio station.

 photo imgres_zps3e795ad3.jpg

I was sooooo thrilled when they (they being NPR) asked me to come up with a list of my favorite children's books of 2013.

 photo npr_zpsa275b624.jpg

I was especially thrilled because I LOVE NPR. I've even been on it before! Here's uber librarian Nancy Pearl naming her favorite first lines . . . and guess whose book is among them? (Hint: Millicent Min, Girl Genius).

 photo 4-upon12-25-13at5_zps70ce6a3d.jpg
(Above: That's Nancy Pearl and me. Um. I hadn't changed my PhotoBooth photo thingy setting and thought I was taking a single photo, not four. Then I figured it out.)

So anyway, it was really, really, really hard to pick my favs of the year because there were so many. But ultimately, I chose books that gave me that oomph feeling when I read them. Here are a few of my favorites of 2013 . . .

 photo pancake_zpsf569ad15.jpg  photo amy_zps5813f397.jpg  photo 7s_zps07baebcc.jpg

Here's NPR's blog where the book selectors, including Moi, explain how we made our picks.

And here are the Best Books of 2013. To see/read about my choices, roll your arrow-thing over the book covers on this link.

 photo books_zps1e2c0c2a.jpg

Oh! Oh! Talking about great books, I also went to my pal Marla Frazee's book launch at Vroman's for God Got A Dog . . .

 photo IMG_4762_zpsb5cc867f.jpg  photo IMG_4763_zps7f84e062.jpg

In other December fun-tastic stuff, I was invited by Qlovi and the Children's Book Council to participate in an INCREDIBLE reading event. Here are the Qlovi people. (I know! They are so smart, young and attractive. These are REAL people, not models, although they could be models.)

 photo qlovi_zpsb74bde5e.jpg

Anyway, a dozen authors were selected to read and talk with 12,731,890 (more or maybe a little more or a little less) students from all around the United States LIVE via Google+ Hangout.

 photo 51-a-yTGJEL_zps58c5272a.jpg

Okay, so I was a bit nervous as you can imagine. Not about taking live to 12,284,193 students, but about the whole internet camera computer thing. As you know, I have the power to bring down the interwebs . . .

 photo 1a06226b-97d9-49d4-a579-5cccd634a601_zps50baae4d.jpg

So the kind Qlovi folk sent me a really nice video camera . . .

 photo IMG_4777_zps55196a98.jpg

And after several tests, I realized the best position for it was on top of Lucky Charms . . .

 photo Image_zpsfee8e1db.jpg

But I am so used to looking at my Mac Photo Booth camera, I had to give myself a reminder to look at the Lucky Charms camera when I was on talking . . .

 photo lookhere_zps728425d0.jpg

It was sooooooo fun! I didn't break the interwebs. No one got hurt. And I made lots of new friends all over the United States. I read from Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time . . .

 photo Photoon12-3-13at4_zps11f25000.jpg

Here are some of kids I spoke to . . .

 photo BbTvwfiCIAAYSHO_zpsec3b9b48.jpg  photo 1497802_10152063393412726_1580581193_n_zpsce0e8a7f.jpg  photo Harry-Potter-actors-as-kids_zpse04ea9c2.jpg  photo 1477925_10152063376767726_1298025747_n_zps7b68a17f.jpg

And now . . . the round-up/down of 2013. It was a really busy year, so it was hard to pick just one blog per month. But here we go . . .

January's blog pick covered our visit to Scotland where we hung out where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, met the Harry Coo, and explored Monty Python territory!

 photo IMG_0877_zpsd60217f3.jpg

One of February's blogs was a follow up to our space shuttle Endeavor adventures. Peepy got to hang out with astronauts!

 photo IMG_1463_zps3e3ba90e.jpg

March saw our visit to Singapore and it's glorious sights, a spectacular bookstore, and food, food, food!!!!

 photo IMG_2053_zps4d695181.jpg

April's blog" chronicled our trip to Dubai and a desert safari . . .

 photo IMG_2773_zps5093efc9.jpg

May was a celebration for Children's Book Week, and we were honored to host the Children's Choice Book Awards. This blog takes you behind-the-scenes with a who's who in children's literature . . .

 photo IMG_3331_zpsacf640fe.jpg

In June we met up with our editor and agent in NYC, plus hung out with a Rolling Stone writer to explore good eats in Queens . . .

 photo IMG_3228_zpsbb654303.jpg

July was a lazy month, and we revisited the best prank ever played on us . . .

 photo long_zps4a5f21b2.jpg

August witnessed the annual collision of authors and agent editors . . .

 photo IMG_4108_zps5873477e.jpg

In September we snuck into Amulet creator Kazu Kibuishi's studio . . .

 photo IMG_4312_zps332d715d.jpg

October was a mix of Einstein, math, donuts, friends and a new newspaper . . .

 photo IMG_4386_zpsecad834c.jpg

November took us to Orlando and St. Louis and an incredible museum . . .

 photo IMG_4368_zps2aa2e131.jpg

December (go back to top)



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Lisa's Super Fancy and Thankful Blog!!!!! (November Edition)

Yes, it's that time of year again! November's Super Fancy and Thankful November Blog!!!

 photo Photoon11-27-13at2_zpsb11c3afd.jpg

So then, let's be bold (lazy) work without an outline, shall we? First up, but not necessarily in chronological order, I went to St. Louis to speak/teach at the Missouri SCBWI. However, we got purposely sidetracked and ended up at the most marvelous City Museum!

 photo IMG_4535_zpse2533db0.jpg  photo IMG_4540_zps36aa9039.jpg  photo IMG_4542_zps3c0ba0a4.jpg  photo IMG_4541_zpsf3e7af7c.jpg

The museum is a defunct shoelace factory that was artfully re-imagined . . .

 photo IMG_4617_zps24f9815c.jpg

Speaking of artists, here's my lunch pal, author/illustrator (and draw-er of my Bobby books) Dan Santat crawling gracefully through one of the many tunnels and tubes at City Museum . . .

 photo IMG_4538_zps5f6a456a.jpg

And here we are swinging from ropes, participating in the ball pit, and enjoying a peaceful train ride . . .

 photo IMG_4349_zps6ed13b63.jpg  photo IMG_4590_zps90d527c8.jpg  photo IMG_4368_zps9f49ff94.jpg

Then there was this . . .

 photo IMG_4544_zps553298c8.jpg  photo IMG_4550_zps908bdb0b.jpg  photo IMG_4552_zpsafe127bc.jpg

 photo IMG_4555_zps815eb3dd.jpg  photo IMG_4556_zps4900d572.jpg  photo IMG_4557_zps9b97a50c.jpg  photo IMG_4558_zpsa545bb69.jpg  photo IMG_4559_zpse78a3521.jpg

There's even a ferris wheel on the top of the building . . . oh! Look what I spy. Why, it's Katie Wools, illustrator and Lisa/Dan wrangler . . .

 photo IMG_4434_zps6305ffac.jpg

So then, since we had a dinner to attend, we ate GOOEY BUTTER CAKE. Nom nom nom, this local favorite isawesomelywildlygood!!!!

 photo IMG_4633_zps013a2768.jpg

Hello? Who's that? Why, it's Delacorte executive editor Krista Marino and author Matt de la Pena at dinner, wondering where their GOOEY BUTTER CAKE is . . .

 photo IMG_4632_zpsa4cec1f1.jpg

The next day, it was off to the conference. Boom! Boom! Boom! There was a high school marching band competition happening at the same time. Same place.

 photo IMG_4634_zps079f464c.jpg

But did that bother my students? Nope. They looked so happy . . . until I made them revise and revise and revise and revise. Well, I was teaching a class in revision, after all.

 photo IMG_4636_zps208e310b.jpg  photo IMG_4638_zps2713ecef.jpg

What's that? Lunch. Dan made a lemon bar chocolate brownie sandwich. Yum.

 photo IMG_4639_zpseed37ebe.jpg

Soon it was time for my closing keynote speech. Awww, all these people raised their hands when I asked, "Who would give me 70% of the payout if you won the lottery?"

 photo IMG_4641_zps418359d7.jpg

The next day, I taught a master class on how to write Bad Guys and Bullies. However, this Nice Gal, Rodeen Literary Management agent, Lori Kilkelly, brought me . . . MY VERY OWN GOOEY BUTTER CAKE!!!!

 photo IMG_4643_zps96dcbd06.jpg

Sigh. Because I refused to share, my students reacted badly . . .

 photo IMG_4645_zps1db226e0.jpg

Later, it was deep dish pizza at Pi Pizzeria with Dan and Katie and Krista and author Jody Feldman and Moi . . .

 photo IMG_4650_zps3b22a946.jpg

Later, we checked out Chuck Berry's Blueberry Hill which looked sort of like my office . . .

 photo IMG_4652_zpse736a822.jpg  photo IMG_4653_zps59014987.jpg  photo IMG_4654_zps39985997.jpg

Before the airport, we hit (as in pigged out) Ted Drewes for frozen custard . . .

 photo IMG_4468_zpsc6007522.jpg

When it came time to head home, we saw a TV celeb -- the man with the baseball cap. Hint: One of the dads from Modern Family, the one who sells real estate, Phil.

 photo IMG_4658_zps31cb2d75.jpg

Back in Los Angelese, it was all about Marvels & Monsters: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics, 1942-1986 . . .

 photo IMG_4675_zpsdee80d39.jpg  photo IMG_4677_zps2dbe0ca4.jpg  photo IMG_4678_zpsfaf05ca8.jpg  photo IMG_4679_zps3543aa32.jpg  photo IMG_4680_zps0524ecaa.jpg  photo IMG_4668_zps76b42b89.jpg

We admired the graffiti in the LA Arts District . . .

 photo IMG_4682_zps6d93d562.jpg  photo IMG_4685_zpsf6917c80.jpg  photo IMG_4688_zps32dc5b1f.jpg  photo IMG_4689_zpseb55325f.jpg  photo IMG_4687_zps55362978.jpg

And we so totally admired our Mexican Chocolate Pie from The Pie Hole . . .

 photo IMG_4691_zps796d1cf5.jpg

That's not the only great food we had in November. Look, it's a bunch of authors and illustrators having brunch (you know who you are) . . .

 photo Image_zpsf8ea3e72.jpg

Hey! Did you get your Harry Potter postage stamps yet? I did, They're really cool, but controversial . . .

 photo IMG_4727_zpsd777ea03.jpg

What? Yes, that's right! We also visited Orlando, Florida for the FAME conference. Scholastic Book Fairs sponsored our visit . . .

 photo IMG_4717_zpsc2705d16.jpg  photo IMG_4718_zps6de66e69.jpg  photo IMG_4719_zps1fbaf1c8.jpg  photo IMG_4709_zps5fa79c63.jpg  photo IMG_4720_zpsb350ea42.jpg

I gave a couple of presentations . . .

 photo IMG_4710_zps8d9ba24d.jpg  photo IMG_4713_zpsd8a565d4.jpg

. . . while Peepy and teacher Mike Cohen disagreed over what to eat for lunch -- salad or GOOEY BUTTER CAKE . . .

 photo IMG_4707_zpsd49fdf1f.jpg  photo IMG_4706_zps3b656c66.jpg

And then last weekend, I got to attend my pal Ann Whitford Paul's book party at local indie Skylight Books. Here's Ann with 'Twas The Late Night Before Christmas illustrator, Nancy Hayashi . . .

 photo IMG_4730_zps18531d75.jpg


 photo 06f4aa09-c09d-4ddd-b92f-4ae0b8b50744_zpsceb3b4e8.jpg
(The lovely fruitful turkey created by editor Elizabeth Law's mom, Betty.)


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