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Asian Pacific Heritage Month and Moi on Fox Sports Network?

Eeeek!!! I'm on a sports TV network.

I could see how people would assume that's a natural fit since Tiger Woods and I are exactly alike . . .

I'm Asian, Tiger is part Asian.
I've lived in Florida, Tiger's lived in Florida.
I've seen a golf course, Tiger's seen a golf course.
I have a Labradoodle, Tiger has a Labradoodle.

(Puppy, when she was a puppy. And Puppy, now older, when she ate a microbead pillow.)

Also, so many of you know me as a jock. Or not. Although, I did fence in college, and I also took a bowling class . . .

However, it seems that my sports prowess, or lack of it, that didn't deter Fox Sports Network a.k.a. FSN.

In celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, they have produced a series of short vignettes called Americans in Focus. Featured are actor Phiip Ahn, legendary cinematographer James Wong Howe, Cambodian activist Sara Pol-Lim, the men of the WWII 100th Infantry Battalion, and others. (You can read more about everyone HERE.)

So, anyway, last month, Peepy and I went into the studio to tape our segment . . .

Peeps had high hopes that it would lead to a movie career for her. It didn't, but we still had a great time at the taping. I talked about writing Asian American characters and how when I was growing, there were no books out there with kids like me. And I worried that I was blubbering and babbling, which is never attractive.

So when I finally saw the segment, what was my initial reaction? It was . . . that my head looked too big. And round.

I also wondered if I got my facts right. I said I was a third generation Chinese American. There seems to be disagreement on this. Some people say first generation Americans are the ones who came here. Others say, it's the first ones born here. What do you think? (For the record, both sets of my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from China.)

I don't have times that the segment will run, but if you want to see it you can watch FSN 24/7/30. Or you can see it here . . .
Lisa Yee

This Americans in Focus will run daily throughout the month of May on FSN (Fox Sports Network).

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