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Wherein iDestroy My iMacs--the series continues

As some of you know, I have a sordid history with Apple products.

It's a complicated co-dependent relationship, and just when I think I'm in the clear, I get pulled back in. Now, a lot of good has come from me and Mac, like six books. However, there is a dark side. And a dark side. And a dark side.

Okay, so a couple of days after I wiped out my website, I deleted several days of work from Scrivener. Sigh.

It's time. It's time, I thought, to call in an expert. Enter, Scott Bly, computer guy. He gave me the bad news . . .

BTW, the computer guy on the left is my old one, and the computer guy on the right is my new one (who also specializes in Mac, and hence I called him. Plus, he's also a Scholastic author.) Anyway, all computer guys seem to strike the same pose . . .

And both had the same response when first entering my office . . .

. . . which was to want to run, but instead, acted brave. (For the record, I have a lot of stuff, but my office is clean.)

Back to Mac.

Who knew that when your laptop makes funny noises it's going to die?

Who knew that when you are creating a site on iWeb, you should hit "save."

Who knew that when working on Scrivener, you should not keep overwriting the same document with the same name?

Who knew?

Not me.

Then, the real pain came. It was time, I was told, for a new laptop computer. (Because I travel so much, I need a laptop in addition to the iMac that sits on my desk.)

We went to the Apple Store, and I had a bad reaction when Scott told me that Apples don't grow on trees . . .

Yes, I bit the dust and bought a new Mac Power Book. (Scott insisted I get the warranty. He calls my computer foibles, "Lisa-isms.") Then I said, "I need to put Scrivener on the new laptop, so should I just buy another copy?"

To which he had a meltdown.

Who knew that you didn't need to keep buying the same software, but could use it on different computers as long as you are the only one using it? A very gracious (and smart and talented) David person at Scrivener confirmed that for me. Plus offered me a REFUND, because I had bought their product four times. Then I was thanked for being their "best customer."

So what is Scrivener? Thousands of you have asked me that before. (Well, at least three people have.)

If you work on a Mac and are a writer, Scrivener is a must. It organizes your files, lets you write in separate chapters, and them compiles them for you. It also lets you put your research, including videos and photos in a handy folder, etc . . .

I love my Scrivener. And I love my Apple(s). However . . . now I'm using mobile me to sync my iMac, my iPhone, and my Mac Power Book, and iDon't Know if iCan handle it. If anyone has tips, warnings, glowing reviews, about Mobile Me, please let me know.

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