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Craig Ferguson, Scholastic Skyping and Aloha!!!


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Peepy and I are in Hawaii AT THIS VERY MOMENT. CLICK HERE to read the article about Moi (and/or see a video of me reading about farts) that appeared in this week's Honolulu Weekly . . .

Oink. Peepy and I have been eating too much and hanging out with friends . . .
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The PEN Women's Conference starts tomorrow, so I'll blog about it later. (As opposed to using my amazing time warp skills and blogging about it before it happens.)

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to hear me babble on Hawaii Public Radio . . .

Interviewer Noe Tanigawa deserves a special shout out for making me sound (halfway) sane!

Oh! And I wanted to tell you about two very, very, oh so very, exciting things happened on the mainland recently.

1) I went to the Late, Late Show with CRAIG FERGUSON . . .

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(Cameras and purses and Peepy were not allowed in the building.)

I LOVE Craig Ferguson, and you know what? Not only is he witty and clever, and has a cool accent, but he can write, too . . .


Not too long ago, Colin Firth (!!!) was on Craig's show. Oh man, what I would have given to see that in person!


However, the guest I saw was not too shabby . . . Robin Williams!!! The two of them were HYSTERICAL together . . .

The other awesome media event was the the Scholastic 2010 Fall Book Preview for Librarians . . .


Downloadable (did I spell that right?) notes were even available . . .

Guess who the Surprise Author was? Hint . . .

Yes, it was ME!!!!

(I think I was asked to be on because I am demure.)

Anyway, we tested the Skype and all a couple days earlier since the Live Webcast Event was at Scholastic Headquarters in NYC, and I was in South Pasadena . . .
(That's my editor, Arthur Levine, with John Mason, Scholastic's Library and Educational Marketing Director)

All went well.

But on the day of the event, the times got mixed up, and when I got the call to Skype in, I had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing this . . .

(That's right. Nothing. I was wearing nothing.)

I had five minutes to dry, dress, spike my hair and Skype into the presentation. And you know what??? I did it, and it was soooo fun . . .
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To see moving pictures, CLICK HERE or watch below . . .

To marvel at the whole fabulous webcast and for a sneak peek at what's coming up from Scholastic this fall, CLICK HERE

Next Blog: Book signing and pigging out in Honolulu with Emeril Lagasse, sort of.

Lisa Yee

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