January 14th, 2008

Muffins, Medals and Mo

One of these things is not like the others . . .
In preparation for an official LAYA (Los Angeles Young Adult Authors) Board of Directors meeting, I baked chocolate chip muffins. Then I ate them and baked some more.

The LAYAs were fabulous, as always. However, we had trouble staying on topic . . .
(Above: Sally Nemeth with hostess and Peepy hater, Amy Goldman Koss, and Mark London Williams)

(Above: Kerry Madden, Eileen Rosenbloom, Michael Reisman, and Paula Yoo. Not pictured, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy)

The last time the LAYAs gathered, it was our semi-annual holiday party. We had a gift exchange and I ended up with the sock-keeper-togethers-for-the-washing machine. As much as I loved them, I regifted them to this fabulous buzz-worthy author when he won the Bodacious Book Title Contest. (At least I think he got them, or it could have been one of the Honor Winners.)

Speaking of awards, there was another contest recently. You may have heard of it. The NewberyCaldecottPrinzOdysseyCorettaScottKingandMore awards!

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to Brian Selznick for his Caldecott Medal for the totally amazing THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET! I really believe that Brian has created a new genre, and henceforth all books that combine pictures and a novel in such a flawless manner shall be deemed Selznickian . . .
(Above: Brian and Moi)

And congrats also to Mo Willems for his Geisel Award AND his Caldecott Honor. (Uh, Mo, one's not enough?) . . .
(Above: Tall Mo, Jack Gantos and his daughter, Moi, and the irrepressible--apprehendable?--David Lubar at the Booklist Humor Forum at the ALA New Orleans*)

*Since the photo was taken, we have all gotten better looking and smarter.

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