January 30th, 2008

Dallas, DayQuil-style

So, Sally Struthers and I flew to Dallas together. Only, Sally was unaware of this, and I only found out later when my driver said, “See that lady by baggage claim, she used to be on ALL IN THE FAMILY.”

I was in town for Scholastic’s Book Summit. When I got to my hotel room guess what I discovered waiting for me???

Whoops! Wrong picture. I meant, I discovered this . . .

Yep. My cough medicine with codeine spilled all over my steroid inhaler. Luckily, there were still enough meds to get me through the trip.

Later, when I was in the bathroom I over heard people discussing a murder. A MURDER! I panicked. From the sound of it, they were in the room right next door. It wasn’t until I heard Nancy Grace weighing in that I realized that CNN was being piped into bathrooms. I guess that’s what happens at swanky hotels.

Wait, let’s get out of the bathroom and onto the Summit. In addition to esteemed educators, there were two authors speaking. Walter Dean Myers opened the event . . .

. . . and I closed it. I had a lot of fun with my speech, in part due to the heavy duty medications--and let's not forget the DayQuil. The audience of educators was wild and woolly. (Well, they were wild.) And we had a blast. At one point the PA system kicked into high gear. Only, when I asked the audience about it, they didn’t know what I meant. Then I realized that my ears had finally popped. Hoorah!
(Above: The empty seats represent the Chicago attendees. They all ran out of the room right before my speech because there was threat of a blizzard shutting down schools. Or at least that's the story they gave me.)

Tomorrow it's a presentation at the San Marino Public Library. That should be interesting because I have now totally lost my voice! Then on Monday it's off to St. Charles/Chicago for a week. I’m hoping for clear skies and sinuses.

Full disclosure: I am now on antibiotics.

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