February 6th, 2008

Snow & Schools and Voldemort & Moi

Okay. She-Who-Wimps-Out-When-It-Gets-Under-70-Degrees is in the Chicago area right now . . . in a SNOW STORM!! Luckily, everyone is soooooo nice that I have been greatly distracted from weather.

The Hotel Baker is tres lovely. Peepy was pleased to find her own cozy blanket waiting for her. (Don't tell her, but it's really a shoe mitt.)

On Tuesday I visited Wredling Middle School. Millions (more or less) of totally cool students and totally cool posters greeted me . . .
Photobucket Photobucket

On Wednesday, it was off to Thompson Middle School. The day was cut short because of the snow, but I was still able to meet lots of smart, talented students . . .

Also speaking at the St. Charles middle schools is SAMMY KEYES author Wendelin Van Draanen . . .
(Above: California gals Wendelin and Lisa stay indoors.)

Fellow blogger David Lubar * is here, too--although he arrived 24-hours late muttering something about airports and bad weather. But who really knows? David, as you may know from his books, is unpredictable. I mean, how many other authors use the words lawn weenies in their book titles?
(Above: David frolicks in the snow with his Peep pal.)

There are three more days of the St. Charles Literature Festival, including a book signing at the library on Saturday. (BTW, a huge thank you to the Illinois State Library for providing a grant for my visit.)

On Sunday, it's off to the American Girl Place, Chicago where I'll do a Q&A and sign GOOD LUCK, IVY . . .

Speaking of wacky (it's too cold outside to come up with good transitions), Author Robin Friedman invited me to do a Wacky Wednesday List for her blog. She said I could make any list I wanted to. So here's the title of my list:


A few examples are . . .
Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy as my social secretary
Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands as my gardener
Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt as my masseuse
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For the full list, and to find out what I'd hire Voldemort for, click here.
Who would YOU have on your list?

*A special thanks to David's wife for my present!

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