March 5th, 2008

One Day at a Time + A Bloomin' Book Party

Yep, that was me with Valerie Bertinelli on the flight back from NYC last week . . .

We were merely a seat away from each other. (On the diagonal.) Jet Blue has these marvelous little TV screens for each passenger. When Entertainment Tonight came on they mentioned Marlee Matlin, who I met a little while ago . . .
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and they mentioned Carol Burnett, who I also got to meet . . .
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(Above: Okay, so one of us was nervous.)

Then an ET (that would be Entertainment Tonight, not extraterrestial) segment about Valerie Bertinelli comes on! And she’s sitting practically right next to me. (On the diagonal.) To be polite I didn't look to see if she was watching herself on TV. But I wanted to.

Speaking of celebs, I recently attended a book launch party for this guy . . .

Oh, wait. Peepy was telling a bad joke. Here's a better picture . . .

Hey! That's Michael Reisman of the seven-figure-movie-deal-for-his-debut-novel, SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER. (Snort! I almost wrote GRAVY KEEPER, which would make it an entirely different book.)

There were lots of glamorous, fancy, well-dressed people at the party held in/at Tangier including these usual suspects/LAYAs . . .
(Above: Kerry Madden, with Peepy, and Amy Goldman Koss, demonstrate several uses for the shiny reflective cover of Michael's book, including eye-blinding weapon.)

(Above: Paula Yoo and Sally Nemeth, are struck by the shiny reflective cover of Michael's book and are blinded.)

(Above: Eddie Gamarra, who's with the Gotham Group, and glam It Girl Cecil Castellucci who's with Peepy.)

Since we're talking glam, when I was in New York, a friend of mine suggested I go to this place where bootlegged goods (designer purses and whatnots) could be had for mere pennies.

Taking the moral high ground, I refused to go because: 1) I am against that sort of thing, and 2) I couldn’t find the place.

Lucky for me, because there was a raid on the day I would have been there. Just think, this could have been me . . .
. . . only in NY and not blonde.

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