March 15th, 2008

In the Land o' Lincoln with Famous Authors and Earl

Ah, the glamor and excitement of travel . . .
(Above: Peepy and Moi share another gourmet airport meal.)

Actually, I love being places. It's getting there that's, in the words of Shakespeare (or someone), "urrrggggh." However, now that I have my new iPhone, airport travel is much more fun.

I'm back from Springfield, Illinois, the Land of Abraham Lincoln . . . Photobucket where I spoke at this amazing conference.

While people were filing in and finding seats . . .

. . . this was going on . . .

Now, I know some of you (Kelly) think that I am too short. But actually, the podium was too tall. So I asked for something to stand on.

Once we got the height configurations all sorted out, I gave my speeches. Here's the algebraicgeometricnewmath formula:

Speech #1 x two times + Speech #2 x 1 time = 3 speeches total

The teachers and librarians were WONDERFUL. And why shouldn't they be? Look who else was at the Illinois Reading Council Conference . . . Yes, Peepy!!!

(Above: Laurie Halse Anderson listens to Peepy speak about how she plans to be a National Book Award finalist, too.)

(Above: As Brian Selznick reads HUGO CABRET to Peepy, she tells him that she intends to win a Caldicott Medal, too.)

(Above: Larry Day told Peepy all about his new book, DUEL and she told him that she's going to win a Golden Kite award, too.)

(Above: Richard Peck and Avi were gracious when Peepy announced that she was destine to win Newbery medals, too.)

(Above: Pam Munoz Ryan is patient with Peepy as Peeps explains how she plans to win both the Pura Belpre Medal and the Jane Addams Peace Award, too.)

I also got to share a meal with Larry, Kay Winters and her husband, Earl. Dinner could have been awkward since Earl and I almost slept together by accident*--but it (the dinner) was delightful!

Okay, back to writing. I have the final final draft due next week of the formerly DEFINITELY MAYBE, soon-to-be-retitled YA novel!

(Above: Earl.)

*Prior to the conference, I got a letter stating, "We have reserved a nice room for you and Earl." I wrote back, saying "Thank you. But who is Earl?" (It seems that Earl's name was meant to be on Kay's letter.)

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