March 25th, 2008

Yoo and Me

This past weekend was my iPhone class. I was really looking forward to it, especially since I had (very nearly) destroyed mine in a tragic Wet Wipes accident/incident.

I got to the Apple Store early and sat in the front row, iPhone in hand, ready to be enlightened. Sadly, it was not to be. I had shown up for the iMusic class.

Sensing my dejection, Chris, the Apple Store Guy, asked if I had any questions for him. So I said, "If your protagonist is clearly in the wrong, but a minor character who has bad breath offers him/her a mint, how long is the train?"

Not really! I did ask things like, if you don't use a Wet Wipe then HOW DO YOU CLEAN your iPhone?

WAIT! WAIT! OMG, when I went to find a Wet Wipes link, so I could highlight the words, I found out that I've been saying "WET WIPES" when I really meant, "DISINFECTING WIPES."

I had NO IDEA that Wet Wipes is the term for something ENTIRELY different. (How embarrassing.)

Okay, let's just move on to a new subject. Peeps. My pal Carolyn Fain from Westlake Porter Public Library fame sent this slideshow of Peeps. And then mere moments later, the uber talented Cecil Castellucci sent me this amazing site. There's alotta fabulous Peeps out there!

Speaking of fabulosity--Paula Yoo. Yes, mega talented musician, WEST WING TV show writer, and author of GOOD ENOUGH, Paula Yoo and I had lunch. Of course, her friend Bartlett, and my pal Peepy came along, too. Here's Paula in my office . . .

Bartlett and Peepy were messing with my computer, even though they were told not to . . .

We had a delicious lunch at Bistro de la Gare. That big potato is really the Croque Monsieur a La Parisienne, a "classic French ham sandwich with melted Gruyere and Bechamel" . . .

After our meal we stopped at Hubby's workplace . . .

It was a great day, only it ended on a sad note. Bartlett accidentally got left behind at my house . . .

Not to worry though. He and Paula will be reunited soon.

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