May 20th, 2008

How To Be (Kinda) Bad

Independent bookstores. Don't you love 'em!!!

Earlier this week we visited this fabuloooous place . . .

As usual, Peepy instantly made a new friend . . .

We were thrilled to see Danger Boy, along with other great books, on display for their Summer Reading Program . . .

SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS was there, too!

The book has just come out in paperback as an AFTER WORDS edition. That means there's lots of cool stuff inside, like a letter from Emily to her Dad where she tells him whether Millicent Min got a baby sister or brother--and what Millie named him/her/it.

The lyrics to Emily's father's One Hit Wonder -- Heartless Empty-Hearted Heartbreaker -- is also in the paperback version. When editor Cheryl Klein asked me to pen this, I had a lot of fun. In a past life I used to write advertising jingles for fine food products like these. . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So, I tried to write the cheesiest lyrics I could come up with. Here are a few lines of Velveeta . . .

You, you ripped my soul apart
You, you are without a heart
You, you're the one who brought me to my knees
For you, I'd be back in a heartbeat, if you'd just say pleeeeeease . . .

Speaking of songs, my pal Amy Timberlake blogged about an incredible music maker-type iPod-ian thingy. CLICK HERE and you can create Your Own FREE totally customized radio station!!!

Oh wait. I'm digressing. Let's hurry back to the reason we were at Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse. We were there to meet . . .
. . . the hip* Women-in-Black, authoresses of HOW TO BE BAD, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and E. (Emily) Lockhart.


There were teens galore gathered around munching on big cookies and sipping iced coffees and listening to the GoodLookingHowToBeBadAuthors talk about books and writing and name changes.

Yep. The rumors are true. As of last week, Lauren changed her last name. Instead of pronouncing it My-racle. It's now, pronounced like "miracle," which is how I had been saying it all along. I must be psychic!

Hmmmm. I've been having some problems with my last name. Maybe it's time I made some changes, too. Okay, I've got it! From now on, Yee will be pronounced "Firth Pitt Depp."
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Yes. That'll work.

*Lauren and I were surprised to learn that "hip" is no longer an "in" word. Great. Next thing you know, someone'll be telling me that "groovy" is out of style.

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