June 22nd, 2008

Launch 'n Lin

My first Lunch 'n Len with NY TIMES bestselling author Len Mlodinow went so well I decided to have another one right away.

Only, it's not the third Wednesday of the month. And it's not lunch. And it's not with a Len. However, it's kinda close. It's a LAUNCH 'n LIN. Yes! I attended a Book Launch Party!!!

You may know Lin Oliver as the Doyenne of the SCBWI. Or as the co-author of the HANK ZIPZER series along with Henry Winkler . . .

Or as a movie producer. But now she's also the sole author of a new series called WHO SHRUNK DANIEL FUNK?

The party was a blast and all proceeds from the book sales went to the Los Angeles Library Foundation . . .

Lots of literary luminaries were there, including former film editor (River's Edge) turned poet/author Sonya Sones (check out her photos of authors) and Newberyesque-super-nice-guy Sid Fleischman . . .

Securing a nice shady table (it was over 100 degrees) were Golden Kite-er Marla Frazee, fab editor Allyn Johnston, and Newbery-ite Susan Patron . . .

Instead of the usual author-reads-from-her/her-book Lin invited actor Ross Thomas (who voices Daniel Funk in the television pilot for the series) to read. Later, he hobnobbed with the glamorous guests . . .

After the party, Family and I cruised over to LACMA . . .
(Above: That blur is Son leaping.)

It's right across the street from where I used to work in a former life --Doyle Dane Bernbach, the advertising agency . . .

Ah, the memories.

Speaking of memories, author Robin Friedman asked me to recall what it's like working with the editor of my good friend JK Rowling. Here's my reply on her blog about both Arthur Levine and Cheryl Klein . . .
(Note: Despite the photo, both are lovely to work with. However, there are editorial differences from time to time that must be sorted out.)

And, oh! I'll be at ALA later this week. Here's where you can find me!

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