July 2nd, 2008

Guess Who "Got Peeped" at ALA!

When last seen, Peepy and Moi were here.

Day Deux started with a book signing . . .

. . . followed by lunch with my editor Arthur Levine. We discussed ABSOLUTELY MAYBE (spring 2009) and JUST BOBBY, my chapter book series (fall 2009), plus we ate a big ol' piece cheesecake without the berries. Well, one of us did. The other just had coffee.

Soon it was time to get out the horns. Yes, it was LAYAPALOOZA time!

Here's National Book Award Finalist Nancy Werlin trying to spell the Ambassador of Children's Literature's name. Can you?
Beeeeeep!!! Nancy's spelling was incorrect.

The correct spelling is J-o-n. (She got the last name right!)

Ahem! Speaking of spelling, I'm quite a speller myself having appeared on Broadway singing and spelling my heart out.

Oh, must not deviate. Back to ALA. That's spelled A-L-A.

Look! It's NY Times bestselling dude (left) Jay Asher and Boston Globe-Horn Book Award guy Neal Shusterman trying to pass kidney stones.
Oops. I mean, blowing their horns to ring in and answer a LAYA lit question.

After the fun and games, it was time to wander around, collect ARCs and see who was next to GET PEEPED . . .

(Above: San Francisco librarian and Wilder Committee Member Carla Kozak with Printz prince John Green, who/whom I once grilled.)

(Above: Carla's friends came along specifically to meet Peepy!)

(Above: Coretta Scott King Author Award winner Nikki Grimes and Peepy swapped poems.)

(Above: National Book Award Finalista Kathleen Duey shows Peeps the importance of good plotting.)

(Above: Dutton Senior Excellenta Editor Julie Strauss-Gabel and Prairie State Award-winning author and Booklist Editoress Ilene Cooper discuss politics with Peeps.)

(Above: Publisher Jason Low of Lee & Low Books wasn't sure what a Peep was--until she explained herself to him. BTW, Jason and I were once on NPR together. Click here to listen.)

(Above: I told Simon & Schuster Executive Editor/author Kevin Lewis that I was sick of this book he wrote. I mean, I love it, but when Son was little we read it over and over and over and over and over and then some more, again and again and again.)

And finally, Scholastic Press Executive Editor Dianne Hess huddled with Peepy. Both refused tell me what they discussed.

Hey wait! Hmmmmm . . . Peepy was sure meeting with lots of editors. Methinks she's angling for her own book deal.

Next blog: A behind-the-scenes look at a top secret author/agent meeting.

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