July 23rd, 2008

One Writes. The Other Goofs Off.

Okay, so while I'm sweating over my revision of JUST BOBBY, the first of my chapter book series, Peepy is out gallivanting around town.

First she went here . . .
This amazing museum is like entering some eccentric scientist/artist's Victorian mansion. You wander from room to room and admire things like the miniature trailer park exhibit or the portraits of Soviet dogs in space or exquisite microminiature sculptures , like this one of Goofy standing on THE HEAD OF A PIN . . .
Oh, it's all sooooo wonderful! Plus, they have a tea room and free cookies. Or so Peepy said.

Later, she wandered onto the set of an upcoming Eddie Murphy movie called A THOUSAND WORDS . . .

(In honor of the movie, this blog will be EXACTLY 1,000 words! Sort of.)

Peeps stood around hoping to get discovered . . .

Alas! It was not to be, yet. So she consoled herself by going to the Apple Pan . . .
Photobucket Photobucket
. . . and then Junior's for dessert . . .

It's not fair! She has all the fun while I am revising, revising, revising. At least I got this to keep me company when Peepy is away . . .
It's my own microminiature mini-me, drawn by Dan Santat who's illustrating my BOBBY series!

Okay. I gotta get back to my writing now.

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