July 27th, 2008

What if you couldn't read anymore?

I loooooove to read. Reading is one of the things that defines me.

Recently I inhaled a couple of great novels. This one's by Sally Nemeth . . .

And this ARC is by Elise Broach . . .

Now, both are written by friends of mine. Which actually made it difficult to open the books. When you read stuff that your friends write, you/I always think, "What if I don't like it? Then what will I say?"

Luckily, I adored both novels. Phew!!!

What if you couldn't read anymore -- but could still write? No, this is not one of those "can never happen" conundrums. It really happened to author Howard Engle.

He tells us, "Before I started writing I was a reader. I read widely, everything from the John, Mary and Peter primer of my early childhood to Corn Flakes boxes when there was nothing more inspiring handy. I've been a reading junkie since public school." Click here to hear his story.

I'm a reading junkie, too. Behold my my shelves of I-need-to-find-the-time-to-read books . . .

This week I'm working hard of the revision of JUST BOBBY THIS TITLE MAY CHANGE. Here's my notebook (I didn't draw the cover, but pretend I did) where I stash notes about the book. Like when editor Arthur Levine and I met at ALA to discuss it . . .

Here are some notes, cleverly swirly-gigged so you can't see how random they are and what bad handwriting I have . . .

Speaking of revision, I'll be teaching a Revision Workshop at the coming-up-really-soon SCBWI National Conference. In addition to the workshop, I'll be on a Humor Panel and on an SCBWI Success Stories Panel. Plus, I'll be taping a Reader Girlz YouTube video about ABSOLUTELY MAYBE, my upcoming YA novel, plus plus I'll be doing eight manuscript critiques, plus x 3 I'll be signing at the autograph party and attending the Board of Advisors annual meeting.

But not all at once.

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