August 6th, 2008

'08 Conference Confidential Part ONE

Yoo hoo . . . I'm baaaack!!!!

I've been at the SCBWI Conference, the largest gathering of children's book people (and Peeps) in the world. There were about 14,937,938 attendees, including a Who's Who of the publishing world.

For me, the event began before it began since I had heavily prepped. However, officially, it kicked off with a dinner for the esteemed faculty on the eve of the conference.

Here's Peepy and Moi with David LaRochelle (check out David's pumpkins) and Sara Pennypacker (all three of us are Sid Fleischman Humor Award Winners!) . . .

Peepy also got to hang out with her peeps, like award-winning author, photographer and hostess with the most-est Sonya Sones . . .

And Simon & Schuster Art Director and all-around-talented-guy Laurent Linn . . .

At the faculty dinner we dined with my editor Arthur Levine, Scholastic VP and Publisher of Arthur A. Levine Books (and my good friend J.K. Rowling's editor), Brenda Bowen, VP and Publisher of Bowen Press/Harper Collins, and Writer's House agent Steve Malk . . .

The next morning there was a standing-ovation-killer-keynote-speech by Bruce Coville, talented author/audio-er and contest judge . . .

Then it was time for manuscript critiques. There was this HUGE room . . .
. . . where fifty editors, agents and published authors critiqued 450 manuscripts.

Peeps is shopping a book around and sat with Firebrand Agent (and former Lisa Yee's Bodacious Book Contest Judge Michael Stearns for her 30-minute critique . . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Peepy was expecting Michael to sign her up on the spot, but he told her she wasn't quite ready for an agent yet. This made her very unhappy and she got a tad huffy. Um . . . never get huffy to an agent with an iPhone that has special Bat powers or this could happen to you . . .

Oh my. Luckily for Peepy, she still had a couple more manuscript critiques to go.

Stay tuned for my next blog and meet more authors, agents, and editors!

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