August 16th, 2008

SCBWI Conference Wrap Up, At Last

Strange isn't it? You can spend five days at a conference but it takes five weeks (or so it seems) to blog about it.

In the last blog, Peepy clearly did not follow editor/author-wannabe protocol . . .
(I am concerned that Mark McVeigh might file a lawsuit.)

The next day Newbery-ian Susan Patron gave a very lovely, very funny, very moving closing keynote . . .

Teen kept annoying me by asking if I was crying. "No, I'm not. It's allergies."

Immediately after I finished crying it was time for the autograph party. That's were the 19,293 authors and illustrators from the faculty sign their books and eat cupcakes . . .

Sadly, Peepy started misbehaving again. That often happens when Paula Yoo's bear, Bartlett, is around. Last year things got so out of hand that the two of them got really sick. Paula took these candid photos of Peeps and Bartlett fighting over cupcakes . . .
Photobucket Photobucket
(In a stranger-than-fiction moment, immediately after the Peepy/Bartlett cupcake incident, Paula and I had a smackdown over cupcakes. It was not pretty.)

Then upcoming-awesome-movie maven Rachel Cohn and I snuck away to the lobby bar for drinks. Only we ended up by the pool and didn't drink. Which was just as good, cause Rachel's a lot of fun. Plus, she took this photo . . .
I had no idea Teen had put it on me. It says, "I'm with author." That's not toooooo bad. One time she changed the signature on my e-mails to read: "I am pooping now."

After not drinking in the lobby, it was time for the Faculty Party! Everyone boarded busses and we sang 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and mooned passing cars. Or not. However, it was quite rowdy, I mean get a look at these party animals disguised as top publishing industry professionals . . .
(That's Vice President and Publisher of Egmont USA, Elizabeth Law telling Peepy publishing secrets. Behind her, Sara Pennypacker is contemplating the overthrow of the world.)

(David Gale, VP and Editorial Director at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, and Dianne Hess, Executive Editor of Blue Sky and Scholastic Press, stopped arm wresting long enough to pose with Peepy.)

However, the two people who had the most motivation to party were The Incredibles: Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser, the founders and reason the SCBWI exists for its over 20,000 members . . .

The next morning, even though the conference was over, there was still hard work to be done. Here are my editor Arthur Levine and I taking a meeting about JUST BOBBY TITLE TO BE CHANGED . . .

The SCBWI Board Meeting also took place. Last year I was invited to be on the board. It was/is an amazing honor. I mean, some of the other authors include Judy Blume, Walter Dean Myers, Jane Yolen, and more. Alas, Peepy was dismayed not to find her name . . .

Maybe she'll have better luck in Las Vegas. That's where we headed next to speak at the Nevada Library Association Conference.

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