August 20th, 2008

Diva Las Vegas

. . . so then, after this, Peepy and I found ourselves in a very warm place . . .
(Um. Either the lady was giving the weather report from prison or my camera was acting weird. You decide.)

Yes! We were in Las Vegas . . .

I wasn't there to gamble or to see the shows or to say hello to Mr. Las Vegas. I was there for something even better-- the Nevada Library Association Conference. It was held at Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino. Peepy had never been to a casino before. She loved the bright blinking lights and was convinced they were all for her . . .

Peeps couldn't wait to hit the gaming tables, but no one would play with her . . .
It was just as well. She doesn't have much of a poker face.

That evening we met up with our friend Barry Lyga, author of such great books as FAN BOY AND GOTH GIRL and BOY TOY. Here's Barry signing a book for us. Wheeeeeeeee . . .

Immediately after dinner (chocolate cake was involved), Peeps and I bypassed the casino in favor of our room. I know, I know, we are soooooooo exciting. But there was plenty-o-work to be done . . .
The indomitable Roger Sutton asked me to write a short piece for the November issue of HORN BOOK, plus I also brought along JUST BOBBY TITLE TO BE CHANGED.

The next day was time for this . . .

Here are librarians starting to fill up the room . . .

It was great fun! Afterward, our bookseller friends from NeverEnding Story were there and we signed books and talked about how it felt to win a million dollars at roulette. (One of those things didn't really happen, yet.)

Then it was time to head back to home. But before we left, Peeps played the slot machines . . .
(Sadly, she lost all of her allowance.)

Next blog: What not to do to your computer.

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