August 25th, 2008

Um. Wipeout. Again.


Um. I was working my chapter book series, NOT BOBBY TITLE TO BE CHANGED, when the computer asked me if I wanted to UPDATE.

UPDATE? Well, sure, why not?

This is why not . . .
Yep. That's what my computer screen looked like.

Yep. I destroyed my computer.

Now, some of you may know that I have a history of bad computer karma. Like when I wiped out my computer and then less that 48 hours later, did it again.

Or when I did Find/Replace, only I accidentally inserted the word "long" in every blank space of an ENTIRE novel. And then hit SAVE . . .

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Or when I broke my iPhone.

After my last computer fiasco, many of you suggested I get an external hard drive to back up all my files. Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't work. I know. I got one . . .
Um . . . but I never took it out of the box. Therein could be the problem.

So we had to call up Michael, my computer guy . . .
He said it wasn't my fault this time!

But it took two days to sort through everything. And Michael even had to hook up the bad computer to my old laptop . . .
Plus he asked me to find some old software . . .
. . . which was not in this pile and is apparently still hiding in my house. So we had to buy new stuff.

Here's Michael hard at work . . .
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Then Michael explained computers to me. Only what I heard was,"Your hardrive jrerawejhwew again uyrhey systems folder nhsdhuha don't do that kererjejrienn Time Machine kjkjimdkpaiii software jekjkejjerer how could you herjhrehuncjeioapouok?
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I smiled and nodded like knew what he was talking about. Puppy didn’t even pretend to be paying attention . . .

The good news is that my computer is back up!
Thanks Michael. I’m going to try really hard not to destroy anything. I promise.

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