September 17th, 2008

iPod Me. iPod U.

Note: This blog is dedicated to Barbara O'Connor who will figure it out someday, I am sure.

Recently, the First Annual Official iPod/Projector University of America and France and the Yucatan was held in South Pasadena on the satellite campus. Er, that would be at my house. Despite Apple's protests, I used my vast knowledge of iPodology and taught the class.

For years I've been traveling around the country toting my handy iPod and 2.3 pound projector and giving presentations . . .
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(Above: Not seen--me giving the presentation.)

So far, no one has been injured. Well, I was, but that was a a while ago . . .
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The class description was thus:
Photobucket Throw away your slide carousel and laptop. Learn how to do power point and photo presentations using your iPod. There will be a lunch component.

Because so many students wanted to enroll I could not take them all. So I only took the best looking ones. They were: Illustrator of my upcoming chapter book series and creator of the Disney Channel's THE REPLACEMENTS, Dan Santat, multiple award winner Marla Frazee, and talented author of an upcoming biography of Harper Lee, Kerry Madden . . .

Here is my projector and here is Kerry admiring it . . .
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(Above: The person sitting in the back slacking off is Amy Goldman Koss. She only came for the lunch component and therefore we kept her away from Peepy because of this.)

Since the Official iPod/Projector University of America and France and the Yucatan has seen recent budget cuts, I didn't have a nice screen like this one when I was Children's Writer-in-Residence at Thurber House . . .
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So we used the wall . . .

The students were quiet adept at uploading/downloading their presentations from their laptops . . .

Later we moved into the computer lab for further instruction . . .

Marla got extra credit for taking notes with nice neat handwriting . . .

Once everyone became iPod/projector geniuses, it was on to the celebratory lunch component at Mike & Anne's . . . !!!

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