October 15th, 2008

Thurbering Haiku Holes

It's that time of year again!!!

No, not the annual blowing up of the Pumpkin Peeps, although that will happen on Halloween.

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It's time for the Thurber House Children's Writer-in-Residence applications!!!

The winner receives one glorious month of living in James Thuber's childhood home in Columbus, OH. Peepy and I LOVED it when we were there in 2007 . . .
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I can still remember when I got the phone call telling me I was the 2007 Children's Writer-in-Residence. Who will get the phone call next????

For more information or to apply, just CLICK HERE

Oh! And there's a bonus. The house comes with its very own ghost!!!
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Speaking of haiku (pretend we were), I'm judging uber talented illustrator/author's Adam Rex's Haiku Contest along with Jarett J. Krosoczka and Lane Smith who's name was easier for me to spell.

Here's New York Times Bestselling Adam hanging out with a fan . . .
And here's Adam's latest book . . .

You can see the judges' supermodel-quality photos HERE and check out the contest HERE. It runs until Friday, October 17th, so there's still time to enter!

Speaking of contests, my 49th Annual Bodacious Book Title Contest will be happening later this month. So clear your calendars and get ready for the wit to fly!

What's up for this weekend? Well, I'll be hobnobbing with Newbery winner Louis Sachar!!! Well, okay, I'm on the board of the Children's Literature Council of Southern California and will be manning the registration table. But the Gala will feature Louis (I know he'd want me to call him by his first name) and the 10th Anniversary of HOLES.

I love HOLES and included it in my novel STANFORD WONG FLUNKS BIG-TIME. Here's Stanford's book report . . .


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