October 18th, 2008

HOLES x 10 = Gala

Holes, Holes, Holes, Holes, Holes and five more Holes.

There were Holes at the Children's Literature Council of Southern California Fall Gala--henceforth and bytheway to be known as CLCSCFGXYZ.

The guest speaker was the author of this special 10th edition Newbery book, complete with a nifty new cover . . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Amy Goldman Koss and I braved the early morning to get to the Bowers Museum where the CLCSCFGXYZ took place. (Google maps said it would take "43-minutes or up to 2-hours and 20-minutes," this being Los Angeles.)

Once there, Peepy and I helped man/peep the registration table. (We're both on the Board of Directors.)
Photobucket Photobucket

Soon it was time for breakfast and hobnobbing. Each table got an author. Not to brag, but I had the smartest, best-looking people at my table . . .

Betty Birney also got a table. She's standing on it right now, so you can't see it . . .

Apres French toast, fresh fruit and other breakfast-y delights, it was time for Louis Sachar's keynote, plus the awards ceremony. Winners included Gretchen Woelfle, Rahul Bhushan, Stephanie Hemphill, Sylvia Anderle, and James St. James, seen here . . .

Peepy's pal Brian Selznick was also a winner. He wasn't able to make it, so Peeps dug into her Selznick files and pulled this out . . .

After, it was autograph time. Here's Louis getting Peepy's autograph. Or maybe it was the other way around . . .

And not to be left out, when Puppy heard we were celebrating awards and HOLES, she dug a special edition award-winning hole of her own . . .

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