October 21st, 2008

Nick and Norah and Rachel Cohn

Teen, Peepy and I saw a FABULOUS film recently . . .

We would have seen it earlier, but we (at least Peep and I) were in Texas . . .

Then we were busy revising a manuscript . . .
(That's not the manuscript, but the fuel that helped the revision. Helpful hint: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES rub you eyes while partaking in the above.)

Oops. Digression. Okay, back to the movie. David Levithan, Scholastic editor/author/over-achiever and the amazingly talented and witty Rachel Cohn co-wrote the fab novel NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST . . .

Wait! Wait! Here's a soon-to-be Trivial Pursuit question. With who/whom did Rachel have lunch with on the day that she learned that NICK AND NORAH, the movie, got the go ahead?

Answer, Rachel and Moi had a fancy-schmancy lunch at a hoity-toity place with this charming fellow. . .
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What? What was that? Oh, okay. Anderson Cooper just asked me and Peeps to interview Rachel. With the country in turmoil, the economy in the toilet, and world politics teetering, we selected some hard-hitting questions. We would have asked David, too . . .
but he was on vacation.

Here we go . . .
LISA and PEEPY: Do you prefer popcorn or candy when you go to the movies?
RACHEL: I like both -- popcorn with plain M&M's thrown in. My friend Sherry used to say there should be an Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor named after my movie treat preferences -- it could be like vanilla ice cream with popcorn and M&M's and she said it should be called Cohn Cone.

PEEPY and LISA: How many times have you seen the film?
RACHEL: I was at 9 and then had to see it one more time for an even 10. It's totally OCD-related. I have a fear of the number 3, and if I'd seen it 9 times, that would be 3 x 3, which is just wrong. So I ventured one last time to the theater and can now rest easy at night without the dreaded 3 hovering over my viewing record.

LISA and her PEEP: What's the oldest thing in your refrigerator?
RACHEL: Pursuant to aforementioned OCD, I am a complete neat freak. The oldest thing in my fridge is (...goes to check...) a container of hummus I bought 2 days ago (...goes to fridge to clean that out before the hummus reaches the 3-day mark...).

OMG! OMG! I just realized that we asked Rachel THREE questions. It's after midnight right now and too late to call her. So then . . . okay, so that Rachel doesn't have an OCD attack when she reads this, we're going to ask one more question and then imagine what she might have answered.

PEEPY: Rachel, what's the square root of pi?
RACHEL: Well that would be 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510.
LISA: That is correct.

Phew! I think we handled that well, don't you? And hey, if you're one of the four people who hasn't seen the movie yet, check this out . . .

For more with Rachel Cohn, be sure to check in with those marvelous readergirlz by clicking here. You can chat LIVE with Rachel on Thursday, October 23rd, 6:00 PDT, 9:00 EDT.

BTW, stay tuned. The next blog will be my 75th Annual Bodacious Book Title Contest!!!

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