December 2nd, 2008

Prizes, Presents and Silly Chicks

A short time ago, when a gallon of gas was the price of a Value Meal at McDonald's (it's now the price of a Happy Meal), we had our 97th Annual Bodacious Book Title Contest.

Rare and wonderful prizes tempted all those who entered . . .
(Disclaimer: Peepy not included)

Talented, good-looking judges culled through 148,004,991 entries . . .
Photobucket Photobucket
(Above: Talented and good-looking Mark Teague and Adam Rex were so impressed with the titles that it rocked their world, upside-down.)

Finalists were selected and TWO WINNERS were named!

Peepy and I were so pleased we even added more booty to the mix of prizes, like a signed EMILY EBERS, Marshmallow Peeps, and classy candy eyeballs . . .
Photobucket Photobucket

And we shipped off the Publishers Halloween Clearing House prizes . . .

And now, here are the winners with their valuables!!!

In the Political Season category is Jim Danielson . . .
Be sure to check out Jim blowing up his prize Peeps over on his blog.

Jim told us, "After receiving the prize package in today's mail, I carefully unpacked Horror Eyeballs, a variety of fun size candy bars, an autographed copy of So Totally Emily Ebers and a package of pumpkin peeps. I was hoping to find that Peepy had stowed away in the package . . . No such luck. It goes without saying she would have been promptly sent home."

Our Grand Prize winner was Sid Fleischman Awardee David LaRochelle! We are happy to see David make good use of the googly eyeballs . . .

Here's what David had to say. "Your bodacious prize package of gumball eyeballs and the ARC of ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY arrived safe and sound. As you can see, I've been riveted to your book ever since it was delivered. A full report will follow when I finish. For now, I'll just say I couldn't keep my eyes closed - I had to keep reading!"

BTW, I had some friends (who's names I borrowed and put in ABSOLUTELY MAYBE ) at my house recently. So I had them sign David's book, too . . .

Speaking of books (how was that for a smooooth transition?), Roger Sutton, popular HORN BOOK editor/blogger/bon vivant, Photobucket asked Katherine Paterson, Daniel Craig, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, and Moi to write short essays on The Best Book We've Ever Given or Received.

Here's Daniel telling Roger and the Queen of England about his HORN BOOK essay . . .

Check out what we wrote in this issue . . .
(Unfortunately two of the writers sent in their pieces too late for publication.)

And lastly, if you haven't done you holiday shopping yet (not to rub it in, but I'M ALL DONE), The Three Silly Chicks have asked Peepy and Moi to help spread the word about this great holiday gift. Pretty cool, eh?

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