December 9th, 2008

Everything in Between

This past weekend, after UCLAing, I attended a very chic book party . . .

It was held at uber-cool-I-want-all-this-stuff store, Matrushka.The celebration was for the paperback launch of the novel, THE HEIGHTS AND DEPTHS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN by Sally Nemeth! (That's Sal above.)

Is this a trend? Holding book launches at fab fashion-esque stores? Not too long ago, Peeps and I were here . . .
(Yes, that's Peepy being interviewed for TV.)

At Sally's party, there was a delightful assortment of snacks . . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And there was a delightful assortment of book launch party-ers . . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Including Peepy's arch frenemy, Amy Goldman Koss . . .

A lotta Los LAYAs were there, too. They were hard to wrangle . . .

However, someone yelled, "Free food and beverages!" and they snapped to attention . . .
(In no particular order: Sally, Kerry Madden, Moi, Jude Law, Michael Reisman, Sasha Watson, Leigh Purtil, Ben Esch, Paula Yoo, Eileen Rosenbloom, Matt Damon, Amy Goldman Koss)

Now, over in the Silly Chick Department of this blog . . .
. . . I'm honored to be an Honorary Silly Chick. Check out my hat and specs!

Next Blog: What Mo Willems mailed me.

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