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Newbery? Caldecott? NY Times #1? National Book Award? Yep. They're All Here . . .

I'm back! In the last couple-ish of blogs, Peepy and I were in Scotland.

 photo IMG_0765_zps46178387.jpg

Here's an old shot of Peepy during an earlier visit. She was in Braveheart with Mel Gibson. However, her beauty detracted from him, so all her scenes were cut. Too bad. It would have been a better movie with her in it.

 photo mel_zpsd6c10008.jpg

This week was a big one in the KitLit Universe. Yes! ALA Awards were announced. The winner of the Newbery is Katherine Applegate for THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN!!! Seen here with the one and only Peepy . . .

 photo IMG_3309.jpg

And the Caldecott goes to Jon Klassen for THIS IS NOT MY HAT. Here is he with this is not his BatPeep . . .

 photo jon_zpsdb0bebc9.jpg

On the subject of people who can really draw, we went to see our pal Kazu Kibuishi the creator of AMULET, at Vroman's in Pasadena where I've had a couple of book launch parties . . .

 photo IMG_1195_zpse7c155b4.jpg

He talked and drew a landscape the same time . . .

 photo IMG_1190_zps0385f28b.jpg  photo IMG_1192_zps0c126fdf.jpg  photo IMG_1194_zps8eece5a7.jpg

Here's his illustration . . .

 photo Photoon1-23-13at1_zps40db1391.jpg

Just kidding!!! I did that. Can you tell? (I wasn't able to get a good photo of Kazu's drawing.) However, you can see and even own one of his (see below) HERE.

 photo size500_prints_kazu_Cathedral_main_zps153c0fa8.jpg

Then, we went to get our Book #5 in the series signed by Jason Caffoe, the colorist for the series, and Kazu . . .

 photo IMG_1201_zpsaa3ef98b.jpg  photo IMG_1200_zpsdebb2bd6.jpg  photo IMG_1203_zps93004958.jpg  photo IMG_1202_zps3c3a72cd.jpg

See those two little notebooks with Peepy? One's mine and one's Kazu's. We both store our ideas in them. Plus, Kazu shared some of his sketches . . .

 photo IMG_1198_zps7d2ea5c8.jpg  photo IMG_1204_zps6e75eb27.jpg

And before we go, we just had to share this with uber fabulous video of this National Book Award winner . . .

 photo IMG_4444.jpg

YES! It's my dear friend Jeanne Birdsall's brilliant TEDx Talk. Here she discusses writing, childhood, and 6th grade love. And to think Jeannie started writing because a boy she once knew said . . . well, watch the video and find out for yourself. If you can't see it below, or by CLICK HERE.


Books make lovely gifts for you or someone you know, or someone you may know sometime. If you'd like an autographed book o' mine, order from Vroman's. Be sure to tell them that you'd like me to sign them, and include the name(s) of who the books should be made out to. Then Vroman's will mail it/them to you!"

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