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NY, NY, Fun, Fun . . . Lotta Libraries, Flushing Food, Agents and Editors and Authors and More!!!

I spent my Memorial Day weekend visiting the Sequoia National Park . . .

 photo post_zps3291bf59.jpg

 photo IMG_3607_zps5ca00bda.jpg

While there, I visited with General Sherman!

 photo url_zps3a783a6e.gif

Oops. Wrong General. I meant, General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world. Also, here's a totally candid shot of me doing boulder push-ups . . .

 photo IMG_3626_zps5a3a923d.jpg  photo IMG_3651_zps05500f88.jpg

However, prior to communing with nature, we were in NYC to host the Children's Choice Book Awards (as seen Here and Here), where we admired other people's shoes and hobnobbed with the likes of Henry Winkler, whose latest acting gig is in Arrested Development (more on that later) . . .

 photo use_zps88b31ea9.jpg  photo IMG_3360_zps2170126c.jpg  photo IMG_3331_zpsba1b49bb.jpg  photo IMG_3510_zps8a7dca77.jpg

But we also had some time to meet up with friends who(m) we had met on other adventures.

 photo IMG_3244_zpsee61c7a6.jpg

Remember a while back when Peepy and I covered the Space Shuttle Endeavor's journey to Los Angeles . . .

 photo IMG_0065_zpsff54a253.jpg

Well, one of the other social media-ites was entrepreneur Cindy Chin. She's a New York local, so we met up at MOMA for lunch, and a quick run through the galleries . . .

 photo IMG_3231_zps9834bb2d.jpg

 photo IMG_3239_zps44c18964.jpg  photo IMG_3235_zpsa09e4502.jpg  photo IMG_3234_zps9e94fd98.jpg  photo IMG_3233_zpsa735aa67.jpg  photo IMG_3232_zpsdec0704e.jpg  photo IMG_3230_zps07f04a91.jpg
(Gorgeous! And the paintings are nice, too.)

As we were heading back to our hotel we got arrested by a giant banana!!! Arrested Development this is . . .

 photo IMG_3248_zps446b79fe.jpg  photo IMG_3228_zps902677c9.jpg  photo IMG_3480_zpsc192114b.jpg  photo IMG_3249_zps93c8196b.jpg  photo IMG_3250_zps7000b50a.jpg
(Yes, that last photo is of people waiting in line for a free frozen Bluth banana.)

Last year, when we were at the South Dakota Festival of Books, we met author/Rolling Stone senior critic/NPR commentator Will Hermes (for such a laid back guy, Will certainly does a lot) . . .

 photo dork_zpsd3a9f1c4.jpg
(That's Will on the left and Newbery-ish Gary Schmidt on the right.)

So, yay! We met up with Will at Grand Central Station.
 photo IMG_3491_zps15a38852.jpg

Food was on our agenda, so we ventured to Flushing Queens Chinatown . . .

 photo IMG_3495_zps49948219.jpg  photo IMG_3496_zpsbf0e23c7.jpg

I spotted the Dreaded Durian . . .

 photo IMG_3494_zpsb12e8fb8.jpg

I had tasted in in Singapore a couple months ago. It was AWFUL. I imagine this is what Harry Potter's Death Eaters nibble on for snacks . . . and why they are in such foul moods all the time.

Speaking of Harry Potter, check out this new cover by Kazu Kibuishi -- seen there with Harry Potter editor, Arthur Levine . . .

 photo 10543_10200774878347250_173265761_n_zpsde3ff746.jpg

Oops. Let's return to the stink, shall we? Durians are so stinky, they are not allowed in hotels or on public transportation . . .
 photo imgres_zpsfd7da1cd.jpeg

Me, I would rather eat worms that taste a Durian again . . .

 photo worms_zps28780ff2.jpg

Peepy insisted we move away from the Durian, so we did . . .

 photo IMG_3492_zpsd20bb2b5.jpg  photo IMG_3497_zpsa114e92d.jpg  photo IMG_3502_zps2942da5f.jpg

Being a book lover, we weren't about to miss the Flushing branch of the Queens Library . . .

 photo IMG_3498_zps1ca8b802.jpg  photo IMG_3500_zps370e4b2d.jpg  photo IMG_3501_zps9ad1a6d1.jpg  photo IMG_3499_zps21c855b8.jpg

Will knew about this really great Chinese restaurant -- Biang! Wow, the food was delicious -- tangy and tingly, smooth, chewy, a cacophany of tastes and flavors . . .

 photo IMG_3505_zpsdd1f45b3.jpg  photo IMG_3504_zps88d527e5.jpg  photo IMG_3507_zps82723488.jpg

On another day, I was in Brooklyn, so of course I had to visit to the Brooklyn Library -- and who should I run into?

 photo IMG_3522_zps52a16ca0.jpg  photo IMG_3525_zpseb898e6f.jpg  photo IMG_3528_zps7a5d9ea6.jpg

Sara Zarr! National Book Award Sara Zarr? I know Sara Zarr! Imagine coming all this way and running into a pal from another part of the country!

 photo IMG_3530_zps1b704936.jpg  photo IMG_3526_zps0406b9c1.jpg

As we left, we ran into another friend -- author Bennet Madison!!!

 photo IMG_3532_zpsea7d73a8.jpg

Later, I visited the Main Library in downtown Manhattan to talk to the Lego lion . . .

 photo IMG_3534_zps2973fbd2.jpg  photo IMG_3535_zps0fe4bac2.jpg

Peepy was skittish about the library, having once gotten lost there . . .

 photo peeps.jpg

After, it was time for dinner at Koi with my agent, Jodi Reamer. We had fough over a guyt a couple of days earlier, but made up . . .

 photo IMG_3549_zps92adccf3.jpg

The famous Strand Bookstore was on our list of places to visit . . .

 photo IMG_3551_zpsf7db79ab.jpg  photo IMG_3550_zpse392b7b2.jpg

An editorial lunch was on the calendar with my editor Arthur Levine. He passed me the notes on my upcoming Young Adult novel . . .

 photo IMG_3553_zps3016bab7.jpg

After, we walked back to Scholastic headquarters where I was meeting with author Lauren Tarshis, who's also the editor of Storyworks magazine . . .

 photo Photoon5-29-13at1_zps540af3b5.jpg
(Um, Lauren and I were so busy gabbing, I forgot to take her photo. However, I commissioned a museum-quality artist to draw this portrait of her.)

Here's a recent story I wrote for SCOPE magazine. It will also appear in STORYWORKS! It was inspired by viral videos, like this one.

Oops. Digression! Okay, and finally, before going into Scholastic headquarters, we ran into author/editor/overachiever David Levithan and his dueling coffees . . .

 photo IMG_3554_zps8ee29424.jpg

Next Blog: Visting Mark Twain School in Brooklyn and the Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English Book Festival in Pittsburgh!

Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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