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Visiting Mark Twain, Quizzing Pittsburgh, and Big Hair

As many of you know, I meet with lots and lots of readers. Not long ago when I was in New York, I got to visit with this one . . .

 photo url_zps55293c2d.jpeg

Oops. I'd better clarify that. I didn't meet with Mark Twain (above), but I did visit this school in Brooklyn . . .

 photo IMG_3521_zps285b5cc8.jpg

 photo IMG_3520_zpsba69b15b.jpg  photo IMG_3517_zps05f1684f.jpg  photo IMG_3516_zps67bd8a6e.jpg  photo IMG_3515_zpsfd3ba8b1.jpg

Speaking of Mark Twain, one of these people won the most recent Mark Twain Prize for American Humor -- and the other person is me!

 photo CIMG0782_zpsa51ec330.jpg
(Yes! That's Carol Burnett.)

And still speaking of Mark Twain, there's this terrific bio of him written by the amazing Sid Fleischman . . .

 photo Photoon6-4-13at6_zpsdd79a4b3.jpg

Here's Sid balancing one of my books on his head . . .

 photo CIMG0136_zps5974ea25.jpg
(Disclosure: I won the first Sid Fleischman Humor Award!)

After leaving Mark Twain, the school, not the man, We visited Pittsburgh (we were just there weeks earlier), and took part in the WPCTE English Festival, where I was the featured author . . .

 photo author_zps3b99adaf.jpg
(The professional-looking sign says, "Featured Author.")

There was some panic (on my part), because my MacAir wasn't syncing to the projector whatsit. As you may have heard, I am cursed when it somes to Mac products.

 photo IMG_3558_zps356d96b2.jpg

 photo stevejobs.jpg

So we borrowed a P.C. and exhaled when that worked . . .

 photo IMG_3564_zps1200e9ec.jpg

Here are some of the kids!

 photo IMG_3563_zpsc541a52c.jpg  photo IMG_3562_zpsf7f1faf6.jpg  photo IMG_3561_zps3bdff626.jpg

Later, the students took part in literary competitions such as Super Trivia . . .

 photo IMG_3568_zps62f2c5b6.jpg  photo IMG_3567_zps69d8b838.jpg  photo IMG_3574_zps92e08eb9.jpg  photo IMG_3573_zpsaaa198ae.jpg  photo IMG_3572_zps769c428a.jpg  photo IMG_3571_zps1f2f4cbf.jpg  photo IMG_3570_zpsacdbc7a0.jpg

BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY) was on of the books they were quizzed on . . .

 photo bobby_zps80499507.jpg

 photo IMG_3575_zps22eb6389.jpg  photo IMG_3576_zpsb43937b6.jpg

There were lots of our books for sale. When they ran out, we signed notebooks!

 photo IMG_3565_zps77e72479.jpg  photo IMG_3560_zps8452fde8.jpg  photo IMG_3559_zps2cb54f9b.jpg  photo IMG_3577_zps9f89b2f0.jpg

Speaking of the "Bobby" books, not long ago we had lunch with Bobby's illustrator, Dan Santat, and Caldecott Honoree, John Rocco . . .

 photo IMG_3596_zps373d3617.jpg

John's latest book is about wild hair . . .

 photo 479754_10200453336470183_2123389824_n_zps703a8961.jpg

We are familiar with that too!!!

 photo hair_zps024da3d8.jpg

(Here's why everyone is pink.)

Hey! Any American Girl fans out there? You may know that I've written THREE American Girl books! And soon, I'll be at the American Girl Place at The Grove in Los Angeles -- June 25th from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. Come and say "hi" (or "aloha")!!!


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