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The Sporadic Summer Blog Debuts!!!!!

Lisa, you ask, or I ask, why haven't we read your blog in a couple of weeks? Wasn't your blog weekly?

Well . . . yes. It was. However, this summer we will be blogging here and there, now and then, hither and fro, and when the mood hits. Why? Cause it's summer and we are lazy! Therefore, introducing, for a limited time only, THE SPORADIC SUMMER BLOG!!!

Look, there's even an official logo-ish-specialty-font . . .

 photo Photoon6-28-13at9_zps51613255.jpg

Wait! Who's that? It's a super reader from Australia . . .

 photo Image_zpsf8737af8.jpg

It's Amy!!! I met her grandmother when we were both on this nighttime dessert safari in Dubai . . .

 photo IMG_2801_zpsb963c827.jpg  photo IMG_2773_zps4e7c0af0.jpg

Okay, so then where was I last week? Not Dubai. Here's a hint . . .

 photo IMG_3891_zps7e7d8c2a.jpg

Still not sure? Here's another hint -- I was at the American Girl Store at The Grove in Los Angeles to sign these books . . .

 photo IMG_3860_zps201f6207.jpg  photo IMG_3884_zps24ce1d34.jpg  photo IMG_3890_zps341f3aff.jpg

Of course, Peepy ran around and greeted new friends and old. Her first stop, of course, was to see Julie and Ivy . . .

 photo IMG_3865_zps3626616d.jpg

I can't believe it's been six years since I wrote GOOD LUCK, IVY.

 photo IMG_3869_zps285f004e.jpg

Oh, look! And there's Kanani!

 photo IMG_3885_zps30cee1fc.jpg

When I wrote those books, I had to go to Hawaii to research . . .

 photo wbs072.jpg

Oops. Back to the present. Peepy made it a point to spend time with her other friends . . .

 photo IMG_3871_zps9296c09a.jpg  photo IMG_3888_zps5d005379.jpg  photo IMG_3879_zpsecfa26a4.jpg  photo IMG_3881_zps59b3ea5c.jpg  photo IMG_3880_zps773afd74.jpg  photo IMG_3878_zpsa9972fe1.jpg  photo IMG_3877_zps83ee0a02.jpg  photo IMG_3875_zps524880fa.jpg  photo IMG_3874_zps9ab48e08.jpg  photo IMG_3868_zps0ca4eb90.jpg  photo IMG_3867_zps0f68299f.jpg  photo IMG_3866_zpse5164497.jpg  photo IMG_3863_zpsc9827eb7.jpg  photo IMG_3861_zps2848eaf9.jpg

What will I be doing this summer? That's right. I will be hanging out with my friends . . .

 photo IMG_3768_zps6692246d.jpg

I'll also be reading and writing and writing, and reading, and writing! With lots of visits to Indie Bookstores and libraries. Recently, I stopped by the Monrovia Public Library . . .

 photo IMG_3777_zpsf1a17c4a.jpg  photo IMG_3774_zps30b87716.jpg  photo IMG_3772_zps56857a6a.jpg  photo IMG_3771_zps37f94d3e.jpg

 photo IMG_3776_zps1bca2e11.jpg  photo IMG_3775_zps6e2cf4f6.jpg

And finally, let's hear it for Kristen Kittscher and THE WIG IN THE WINDOW. She had a fabulous launch party at Vroman's . . .

 photo IMG_3828_zpsb6e59298.jpg  photo Scan_zps3589c995.jpg

(Yes, that's me as a blond, along with Lilliam Rivera, Cylin Busby and Cecil Castellucci.)

Pssst . . . like books? Then you're going to like THIS.

 photo sharp_zps428459ce.jpg

It's your chance to Tweet and be Tweeted by New York Times Bestselling Illustrator Dan Santat and Me over at The July Sharp-Shu Book Club Meeting on July 31st at 7 pm CDT. Hope to see/read you there!!!

Stay tuned for the next SPORADIC SUMMER BLOG coming sometime!!!!


Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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