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A Mac Classic Prank, Revisited

Last night I saw a TV promo for one of those practical joke shows. You know, where an innocent person gets duped. And I thought, "Geez, what kind of dolt could fall for a prank so easily?"

Then I realized, it would be this sort of person . . .

 photo b485c72b.jpg
(The person on the left would fall for a prank. The person on the right is -- squeeee -- Judy Blume, who would not panic the way I would.)

Yes, that's right. I fell hard for a prank that my friend and fellow author pulled on me. And now, in the spirit of my SPORADIC SUMMER BLOG . . .

 photo Photoon6-28-13at9_zps51613255.jpg

. . . we are taking laziness to a new level and running a blog that first appeared five years ago. Ready? Here we go . . .

Um. As some of you may know, I have an unhealthy love/hate relationship with Apple. I love Apple. Apple hates me.

Apple probably hates me because of this . . .
(Above: Michael, my Mac fixer, is not happy with me or my desk computer.)

and this and and this . . .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Above: Michael, my Mac fixer, is not happy with me or my laptop. He bites the Apple.)

Then there was this incident that occurred on my Mac . . .
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And the time I did this to this . . .

. . and repaired it with this . . .

Well, last week I received this and TOTALLY FREAKED OUT . . .


Then I read the last sentence again. Do what it says and you'll see. It wasn't from Apple. It was sent by this person. And I totally fell for it.

Mac Classic.


Tweet. Tweet. What was that? Tweet . . .

 photo sharp_zps428459ce.jpg

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