Lisa Yee (lisayee) wrote,
Lisa Yee

PedXing and Other Criminal Acts

I had a wonderful time at my latest school presentation. It's always nice to speak to an enthusiastic audience, even if they do make fun of your 6th grade school photo. And to think, it almost-but-not-really didn't happen. During one of our breaks, my teacher/host informed me that the school district wanted to know if I had been fingerprinted. (I'm saying "school district" as if it were a singular person, when really I am sure it is an entity.)

Now, although I have had (minor) run ins with the law, I don't consider myself a threat to anyone. Unless, say, there's a big sale at Nordstrom's and there are only two pairs of shoes in my size. As for lawbreaking, I admit to the following:

1. Various minor traffic tickets -- all wiped clean due to my attendance at traffic school(s)

2. One jaywalking ticket (I NEVER jaywalk now, much to the chagrin of my lawbreaking pedestrian friends/family who always get mad when they have to wait for me on the other side of the street)

3. One had-to-go-to-court because Henry, Peyton (not her real name) and I put Mummenschanz posters on a lamp post in a Post No Bills area outside the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip when I was in college (We had to clean lamp posts during rush hour as our punishment)

So anyway, the wonderful Stephanie Nooney at Scholastic who books my author appearances was called and swore that no other authors ever had to be fingerprinted before. And Stephanie's word is gold, so the school district accepted it. Plus, it was pointed out that I was speaking to hundreds of kids all at once, not individually.


Speaking of speaking to kids. Next weekish I will be in at the 38th Annual Children's Literature Festival at Central Missouri State University. This wonderful fest was founded by my own Cheryl Klein's grandfather!

I did get a little (okay, a lot) confused about the festival when I found out I would be flying into Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City? Wouldn't that be in Kansas? Several people had to explain that one to me, and I am still confused.

To date, no one in Missouri has asked for my fingerprints. Good thing. I think asking one if they have ever been fingerprinted is quite a personal question. As for the answer? Well, that's between me and my parole officer.

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