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Yoo hoo! Over here! Yes, it's Lisa's Sporadic Summer Blog. And if you don't believe me, here's the really expensive official logo . . .

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So then, this event happens only once a year. Can you guess what it is? (Think. Think. Think. Think.) You are so smart! Yes, it's the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrator's Summer Conference. Hence to be known at the SCBWISC. (SCBWI is the largest group of children's authors and illustrators in the world. Over 23,000 members. Although, the summer conference is limited to about 1200.)

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I have been going to the SCBWISC for 12 or 13 or 14 years. I can't recall, but what I do recall is this. The conference jump started my career. Prior to going, I had NO CLUE about the publishing industry. I had been pulled out of the slush pile by Arthur Levine, but was such a dope and didn't know that the odds of that were pretty slim.

At my first conference everyone was talking about Arthur and HARRY POTTER, which he edited. (Here's a J.K. Rowling quest we went on last winter.) I also learned that when an editor says they would like to see your book, you don't tell them, ". . . but I'm really busy."

 photo IMG_4085_zpsac3bbf00.jpg

And now, here we are, working on novel number eight!

 photo IMG_4088_zps2a4df9b1.jpg

Okay, we were actually having lunch, but we did talk about the novel.

Later we ran into Asian American authors!!!

 photo girls_zps63f9b6c4.jpg
(From left: Jo Whittemore, Lucy Liu, Emily Jiang and Cindy Pon.)

We also caught up with old friends like Jay Asher (he is is not Asian) . . .

 photo IMG_4117_zps02a1cadc.jpg
(His book, 13 Reasons Why, is now in 14 trillion different languages. As opposed to 14 trillion of the same language.)

Squeee! It's talented Simon & Schuster art director Laurent Linn . . .

 photo IMG_4110_zps0a03f3c9.jpg

Hello, Richard Peck. Yes, that Richard Peck. The fabulous Newbery-winning Richard Peck . . .

 photo IMG_4106_zpsa0032246.jpg

We went to workshops like industry insider Emma Dryden's amazing Reinvention and Reimagination . . .

 photo IMG_4091_zps61bd1a77.jpg

And one on sorting out the confusion of Royalty statements . . .

 photo IMG_4084_zps84c9ec58.jpg
(I thought the statements were going to be things like, "Does this tiara make me look fat?")

The closing keynote was INCREDIBLE. It was given by my pal Jarrett Krosoczka, author/illustrator/radio host/cool dude. Not to brag, but I can spell his name without having to look it up. THAT'S how close we are.

 photo IMG_4125_zpsc2107bc7.jpg

Soon it was time to run around and get the keynote speakers and faculty autographs . . .

 photo IMG_4112_zps29e5db78.jpg

Jarrett is always happy to be near me . . .

 photo IMG_4109_zpscd35b8e4.jpg

And here is he, happy again at party a couple of years ago at the Washington Post that is now owned by Jeff Bezos -- like he doesn't have enough to to already . . .

 photo 4e8c4f20.jpg
(That's author/illustrator Loren Long looking sad with us. Why? Because)

Nice shoes! Caldecott-ian Marla Frazee wearing fancy clothes at the autograph party . . .

 photo IMG_4119_zpsf27c6232.jpg

Lookit! It's Caldecott winner Paul O. Zelinsky (He has nice shoes, too. You'll have to trust me on that.)

 photo IMG_4150_zpsf0edb5af.jpg

Every year since authors were invented, agent Steve Malk has hosted his annual bash. Here's the invite. Behind it is CAA Headquarters a.k.a. the Death Star building . . .

 photo IMG_4122_zps5bca1479.jpg

We weren't supposed to take photos inside, so these aren't photos. Instead, they are highly realistic drawings . . .

 photo IMG_4131_zps92fa47ea.jpg  photo IMG_4130_zpsd529c592.jpg  photo IMG_4128_zpsf3d57622.jpg  photo IMG_4127_zps998379f2.jpg

 photo IMG_4132_zps391a3ad5.jpg
(That's my lunch buddy Dan Santat with Marla Frazee.)

When it was time to go, the lights went out . . .
 photo IMG_4134_zps801e8f32.jpg

After the party, I headed to Canter's Deli with NY TIMES bestselling authors Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi.

Right after Ransom's first novel was released, I interviewed him and watched him eat a sandwich. And now that novel is being made into a movie by Tim Burton -- how cool is that?).

 photo IMG_4135_zps37f34a2b.jpg
(Above: Tahereh and Ransom marvel over the wonders of the iPhone, as Dan Santat hides under the table.)

We have one of these things in common:
1) All four of us can make a seven layer cake using three ingredients
2) All four of us have competed in Iron Man competitions and won
3) All four of us are represented by Jodi Reamer, from Writers House

To figure out the answer, add 127 + 4, then subtract 111, multiply by zero, and add 3.

Speaking of Jodi Reamer, from Writers House, I ventured into Beverly Hills for a meeting/candyfest . . .

 photo IMG_4141_zps4bc401ea.jpg  photo IMG_4143_zps0f508da8.jpg

During the conference I was slipped this note from a mom. (Her daughter was too shy to give it to me herself.) It made me sooooo happy!

 photo IMG_4108_zps1f40ee54.jpg

For more about the conference, check out the official SCBWI Conference Blog.

After the conference, there was a SCBWI Board of Advisors meeting. I blurred out the faces of these board members because I forgot to ask them if I could take their picture. However, you can guess who they are . . .

 photo IMG_4159_zpsc3709081.jpg

Thank you SCBWI for all you do!
Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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