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Sneaking a Peek at Kazu Kibuishi's Studio

I love seeing where creative people work, don't you?

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This week I had lunch with these bookish folk(s) . . .

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That's Kris Vreeland from that glorious children's indie bookstore Once Upon a Time, my lunch buddy Dan Santat (he of the 87,413 books out each year), and Kazu Kibuishi creator of Amulet and the illustrator of the 15th Anniversary HARRY POTTER books.

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(Above: During lunch Kazu drew a picture for my daughter).

Later, we visited Kazu's studio. His workspace is so much less, er, dense than mine. Let's compare, shall we?

His space . . .

 photo IMG_4318_zps2b401829.jpg

My space . . .

 photo IMG_3692_zps50726ad0.jpg  photo IMG_3694_zps1efd872e.jpg  photo IMG_3693_zpse740542b.jpg  photo IMG_3691_zps7a858a6e.jpg
(Disclaimer: It looks different now. Um, less creatively cluttered.)

Disclaimer: Kazu has a real staff and I have an imaginary one. Hence the discrepancy of size between our work environs. Here's more of his studio . . .

 photo IMG_4312_zps7b4e8ad2.jpg  photo IMG_4313_zps4f28c566.jpg  photo IMG_4315_zps642f1ef2.jpg  photo IMG_4316_zps7b896a2e.jpg  photo IMG_4317_zps00d52691.jpg  photo IMG_4318_zps2b401829.jpg  photo IMG_4319_zps3d317c61.jpg  photo IMG_4320_zpsaaa29c81.jpg  photo IMG_4321_zps0c160ca4.jpg  photo IMG_4322_zps718f09fe.jpg

Why, look! It's Kazu with HARRY POTTER editor Arthur Levine (He, that would be Arthur, not Kazu, is my editor, too!)

 photo 10543_10200774878347250_173265761_n_zps3cc9fa9c.jpg

Put all seven of the books together and the spines look like this . . .

 photo IMG_4326_zpsd88f147a.jpg

Psst. Wanna know a secret? Kazu has drawn people who worked on the series and hidden them on the book covers. I won't reveal who/where everyone is. However, I will point out Ms. Rowling's cameo . . .

 photo IMG_4329_zpsf5e1af88.jpg

Look! It's J.K. Rowling's workspace . . . well, it was at one time . . .

 photo IMG_0659_zps52b6f2fc.jpg  photo IMG_1015_zps9066b215.jpg

To see more photos of where J.K. Rowling worked on Harry Potter, and to witness me defacing the bathroom there, and to behold an autographed J.K. Rowling novel that is all mine, CLICK HERE .

 photo IMG_0904_zps21f91c3a.jpg
(Above: This is a cow I met in Scotland. It has nothing to do with creative spaces, though it might argue otherwise.)

Okay! Back to the United States. Before we left Kazu's studio, he signed books for Once Upon A Time customers . . .

 photo IMG_4330_zps0ef16e6a.jpg

Speaking of signing books, my pal Sonya Sones has been touring and touting the release of her latest, greatest YA, To Be Perfectly Honest . . .

 photo IMG_4234_zps184cbb38.jpg  photo IMG_4242_zps1cd59072.jpg  photo IMG_4245_zpsf1d5d166.jpg  photo IMG_4248_zps86675366.jpg  photo IMG_4251_zps3e4c6536.jpg

Did you know that Sonya is also a fabulous photographer? If you don't believe me, just look HERE! And to see my collection of famous author and illustrators with my Peep, click HERE!!

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