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October's Super Fancy Happenings and Happy Things

Whoa. It's been a looooong time since my last blog. I've been busy doing this and that, and this . . .

 photo ster_zps8b455b9e.jpg

Yes, that's STET my fascinating and free daily online newspaper!!!! CLICK HERE to read it, or to subscribe. Did I mention that it's fascinating and free?

Okay, so I'm thinking that instead of blogging weekly, like I used to do, or sporadically, like I've been doing, I'm going to try a monthly blog, beginning with this one!

 photo Photoon10-28-13at2_zpsb9bdbd6d.jpg

Lisa, what else have you done this month, you ask. Or he/she/they ask. Well, how about this -- I got to spend a Hollywood afternoon with my east coast friend, author/journalist Sarah Darer Littman . . .

 photo IMG_4367_zps9093d07e.jpg

Here's what else has been going on . . .

 photo IMG_4387_zpsebfce2f1.jpg
(We were on a Comic-Con panel a couple years ago talking about Warp Speed.)

Over at Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena, I spoke to a group of students from Chandler School . . .

 photo IMG_4383_zps7020d009.jpg  photo IMG_4386_zpsfd304132.jpg

While digging through my old things, I unearthed this memo from ABC, when I used to be a writer/producer at Disney, and this Red Lobster drink menu, when I was a menu writer . . .

 photo IMG_4402_zpsdf6f6e2f.jpg  photo IMG_4415_zps82a5ef8f.jpg

Speaking of menus, Greg Pincus and I celebrated his debut novel with a custom-made donut from Donut Friend. Oink* . . .

 photo IMG_4349_zpsd12f8502.jpg
(*The oink is referring to the donuts, not Greg.)

Later, I attended Greg's uber fun book launch party at Flintridge Bookstore. (It's so wonderful to see the bookstore doing so well, especially after this happened a few years ago.) Here's the party . . .

 photo IMG_4480_zpsf4cff8f2.jpg  photo IMG_4482_zps029376f0.jpg  photo IMG_4483_zpseebd8060.jpg  photo IMG_4484_zpse20d9c4f.jpg  photo IMG_4485_zps66a61fce.jpg  photo IMG_4481_zps5fbb2b5a.jpg

Um. Because of all the donuts and cookies and pie, Peepy and I had to go to the dentist . . .

 photo IMG_4490_zpsd4e70351.jpg

Being at the dentist was not nearly as fun as a four-and-one-half-hour opera. Seriously, Einstein On The Beach was a blast! Well, after the first half hour when I was soooo confused and couldn't figure out what was happening. Then, when I just went with it, I LOVED it . . .

 photo IMG_4374_zps81561cb2.jpg  photo IMG_4409_zps5422fd73.jpg  photo IMG_4410_zps574c20de.jpg

This was my favorite part. A women repeating this endlessly . . .

 photo IMG_4432_zps0eb653ea.jpg
You'll have to trust me. It was mesmerizing. But it's one of those things you have to experience in person.

I will be the first to say, I love this place. It's the Last Bookstore. Beautiful, don't you think? (We've been there before.)

 photo IMG_4416_zpscbb284e2.jpg  photo IMG_4429_zps10cf04d8.jpg  photo IMG_4427_zpsd1a58cea.jpg  photo IMG_4426_zps2184ee06.jpg  photo IMG_4425_zpsb317a87d.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zpsac65b8fe.jpg

In honor of Halloween, here's a Peep battle . . . Pumpkin vs. Ghost . . .

 photo CIMG0114_zps9b21cc7a.jpg  photo CIMG0116_zps862c4a46.jpg  photo CIMG0118_zps82e1d440.jpg  photo CIMG0120_zps1c5cba15.jpg
(To see more Peep explosions, here's a video we made.)

Why, look! My fav Halloween candy . . .

 photo IMG_4370_zps4c65064a.jpg

And finally -- La la la la . . . what's that? Huh? Really? YES! It's the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my first novel. (Squeee!!!)

 photo MTN_zpse088953b.jpeg
(Pretend the is a cake for the Millicent Min, Girl Genius.)

 photo Image1_zps8f6d2477.jpg

Since October 2003 when Millicent Min first came out, I've written nine more books . . .

 photo books_zpsb18bb546.jpg  photo CIMG0065_zpseba4cdde.jpg

It's been a wonderful decade, not only writing, but traveling all across the United States and overseas, to talk about my favorite subject -- books!

 photo IMG_3260_zps7037416a.jpg  photo IMG_2773_zps4e7c0af0.jpg

Thank you to everyone at Scholastic, especially Arthur Levine for discovering me, and being my friend and editor. And Cheryl Klein, my other editor, you are amazing . . .

 photo dcb859db.jpg
(Here are Arthur and Cheryl discussing one of my books.)

Thank you to Jennifer Hirsch, my American Girl editor, seen here hard at work when we were researching for the Kanani books in Hawaii . . .

 photo IMG_5772_zps63d77993.jpg

Here's a shout out to Jodi Reamer, my agent, seen here hanging around her Writers House office . . .

 photo 47916079.jpg
(Or maybe it was at one of our "annual summits.")

And finally, to my readers -- a heartfelt thank you for all your support. It's been a wonderful ten years, and I look forward to the next ten.

 photo _8883729_zpsb97492a0.jpeg


Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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