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Lisa's Super Fancy and Thankful Blog!!!!! (November Edition)

Yes, it's that time of year again! November's Super Fancy and Thankful November Blog!!!

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So then, let's be bold (lazy) work without an outline, shall we? First up, but not necessarily in chronological order, I went to St. Louis to speak/teach at the Missouri SCBWI. However, we got purposely sidetracked and ended up at the most marvelous City Museum!

 photo IMG_4535_zpse2533db0.jpg  photo IMG_4540_zps36aa9039.jpg  photo IMG_4542_zps3c0ba0a4.jpg  photo IMG_4541_zpsf3e7af7c.jpg

The museum is a defunct shoelace factory that was artfully re-imagined . . .

 photo IMG_4617_zps24f9815c.jpg

Speaking of artists, here's my lunch pal, author/illustrator (and draw-er of my Bobby books) Dan Santat crawling gracefully through one of the many tunnels and tubes at City Museum . . .

 photo IMG_4538_zps5f6a456a.jpg

And here we are swinging from ropes, participating in the ball pit, and enjoying a peaceful train ride . . .

 photo IMG_4349_zps6ed13b63.jpg  photo IMG_4590_zps90d527c8.jpg  photo IMG_4368_zps9f49ff94.jpg

Then there was this . . .

 photo IMG_4544_zps553298c8.jpg  photo IMG_4550_zps908bdb0b.jpg  photo IMG_4552_zpsafe127bc.jpg

 photo IMG_4555_zps815eb3dd.jpg  photo IMG_4556_zps4900d572.jpg  photo IMG_4557_zps9b97a50c.jpg  photo IMG_4558_zpsa545bb69.jpg  photo IMG_4559_zpse78a3521.jpg

There's even a ferris wheel on the top of the building . . . oh! Look what I spy. Why, it's Katie Wools, illustrator and Lisa/Dan wrangler . . .

 photo IMG_4434_zps6305ffac.jpg

So then, since we had a dinner to attend, we ate GOOEY BUTTER CAKE. Nom nom nom, this local favorite isawesomelywildlygood!!!!

 photo IMG_4633_zps013a2768.jpg

Hello? Who's that? Why, it's Delacorte executive editor Krista Marino and author Matt de la Pena at dinner, wondering where their GOOEY BUTTER CAKE is . . .

 photo IMG_4632_zpsa4cec1f1.jpg

The next day, it was off to the conference. Boom! Boom! Boom! There was a high school marching band competition happening at the same time. Same place.

 photo IMG_4634_zps079f464c.jpg

But did that bother my students? Nope. They looked so happy . . . until I made them revise and revise and revise and revise. Well, I was teaching a class in revision, after all.

 photo IMG_4636_zps208e310b.jpg  photo IMG_4638_zps2713ecef.jpg

What's that? Lunch. Dan made a lemon bar chocolate brownie sandwich. Yum.

 photo IMG_4639_zpseed37ebe.jpg

Soon it was time for my closing keynote speech. Awww, all these people raised their hands when I asked, "Who would give me 70% of the payout if you won the lottery?"

 photo IMG_4641_zps418359d7.jpg

The next day, I taught a master class on how to write Bad Guys and Bullies. However, this Nice Gal, Rodeen Literary Management agent, Lori Kilkelly, brought me . . . MY VERY OWN GOOEY BUTTER CAKE!!!!

 photo IMG_4643_zps96dcbd06.jpg

Sigh. Because I refused to share, my students reacted badly . . .

 photo IMG_4645_zps1db226e0.jpg

Later, it was deep dish pizza at Pi Pizzeria with Dan and Katie and Krista and author Jody Feldman and Moi . . .

 photo IMG_4650_zps3b22a946.jpg

Later, we checked out Chuck Berry's Blueberry Hill which looked sort of like my office . . .

 photo IMG_4652_zpse736a822.jpg  photo IMG_4653_zps59014987.jpg  photo IMG_4654_zps39985997.jpg

Before the airport, we hit (as in pigged out) Ted Drewes for frozen custard . . .

 photo IMG_4468_zpsc6007522.jpg

When it came time to head home, we saw a TV celeb -- the man with the baseball cap. Hint: One of the dads from Modern Family, the one who sells real estate, Phil.

 photo IMG_4658_zps31cb2d75.jpg

Back in Los Angelese, it was all about Marvels & Monsters: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics, 1942-1986 . . .

 photo IMG_4675_zpsdee80d39.jpg  photo IMG_4677_zps2dbe0ca4.jpg  photo IMG_4678_zpsfaf05ca8.jpg  photo IMG_4679_zps3543aa32.jpg  photo IMG_4680_zps0524ecaa.jpg  photo IMG_4668_zps76b42b89.jpg

We admired the graffiti in the LA Arts District . . .

 photo IMG_4682_zps6d93d562.jpg  photo IMG_4685_zpsf6917c80.jpg  photo IMG_4688_zps32dc5b1f.jpg  photo IMG_4689_zpseb55325f.jpg  photo IMG_4687_zps55362978.jpg

And we so totally admired our Mexican Chocolate Pie from The Pie Hole . . .

 photo IMG_4691_zps796d1cf5.jpg

That's not the only great food we had in November. Look, it's a bunch of authors and illustrators having brunch (you know who you are) . . .

 photo Image_zpsf8ea3e72.jpg

Hey! Did you get your Harry Potter postage stamps yet? I did, They're really cool, but controversial . . .

 photo IMG_4727_zpsd777ea03.jpg

What? Yes, that's right! We also visited Orlando, Florida for the FAME conference. Scholastic Book Fairs sponsored our visit . . .

 photo IMG_4717_zpsc2705d16.jpg  photo IMG_4718_zps6de66e69.jpg  photo IMG_4719_zps1fbaf1c8.jpg  photo IMG_4709_zps5fa79c63.jpg  photo IMG_4720_zpsb350ea42.jpg

I gave a couple of presentations . . .

 photo IMG_4710_zps8d9ba24d.jpg  photo IMG_4713_zpsd8a565d4.jpg

. . . while Peepy and teacher Mike Cohen disagreed over what to eat for lunch -- salad or GOOEY BUTTER CAKE . . .

 photo IMG_4707_zpsd49fdf1f.jpg  photo IMG_4706_zps3b656c66.jpg

And then last weekend, I got to attend my pal Ann Whitford Paul's book party at local indie Skylight Books. Here's Ann with 'Twas The Late Night Before Christmas illustrator, Nancy Hayashi . . .

 photo IMG_4730_zps18531d75.jpg


 photo 06f4aa09-c09d-4ddd-b92f-4ae0b8b50744_zpsceb3b4e8.jpg
(The lovely fruitful turkey created by editor Elizabeth Law's mom, Betty.)


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