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Super Fancy End-of-2013 Blog-o-Rama


Well, hello welcome to our annual End-of-Year-Blog-Round-Up!!!!.

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Before we begin rounding up (er, technically, wouldn't it be rounding down?) the year, here are a couple of TOTALLY AWESOME things that happened in December:

Firstly, NRP. That's right. National Public Radio. My favorite radio station.

 photo imgres_zps3e795ad3.jpg

I was sooooo thrilled when they (they being NPR) asked me to come up with a list of my favorite children's books of 2013.

 photo npr_zpsa275b624.jpg

I was especially thrilled because I LOVE NPR. I've even been on it before! Here's uber librarian Nancy Pearl naming her favorite first lines . . . and guess whose book is among them? (Hint: Millicent Min, Girl Genius).

 photo 4-upon12-25-13at5_zps70ce6a3d.jpg
(Above: That's Nancy Pearl and me. Um. I hadn't changed my PhotoBooth photo thingy setting and thought I was taking a single photo, not four. Then I figured it out.)

So anyway, it was really, really, really hard to pick my favs of the year because there were so many. But ultimately, I chose books that gave me that oomph feeling when I read them. Here are a few of my favorites of 2013 . . .

 photo pancake_zpsf569ad15.jpg  photo amy_zps5813f397.jpg  photo 7s_zps07baebcc.jpg

Here's NPR's blog where the book selectors, including Moi, explain how we made our picks.

And here are the Best Books of 2013. To see/read about my choices, roll your arrow-thing over the book covers on this link.

 photo books_zps1e2c0c2a.jpg

Oh! Oh! Talking about great books, I also went to my pal Marla Frazee's book launch at Vroman's for God Got A Dog . . .

 photo IMG_4762_zpsb5cc867f.jpg  photo IMG_4763_zps7f84e062.jpg

In other December fun-tastic stuff, I was invited by Qlovi and the Children's Book Council to participate in an INCREDIBLE reading event. Here are the Qlovi people. (I know! They are so smart, young and attractive. These are REAL people, not models, although they could be models.)

 photo qlovi_zpsb74bde5e.jpg

Anyway, a dozen authors were selected to read and talk with 12,731,890 (more or maybe a little more or a little less) students from all around the United States LIVE via Google+ Hangout.

 photo 51-a-yTGJEL_zps58c5272a.jpg

Okay, so I was a bit nervous as you can imagine. Not about taking live to 12,284,193 students, but about the whole internet camera computer thing. As you know, I have the power to bring down the interwebs . . .

 photo 1a06226b-97d9-49d4-a579-5cccd634a601_zps50baae4d.jpg

So the kind Qlovi folk sent me a really nice video camera . . .

 photo IMG_4777_zps55196a98.jpg

And after several tests, I realized the best position for it was on top of Lucky Charms . . .

 photo Image_zpsfee8e1db.jpg

But I am so used to looking at my Mac Photo Booth camera, I had to give myself a reminder to look at the Lucky Charms camera when I was on talking . . .

 photo lookhere_zps728425d0.jpg

It was sooooooo fun! I didn't break the interwebs. No one got hurt. And I made lots of new friends all over the United States. I read from Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time . . .

 photo Photoon12-3-13at4_zps11f25000.jpg

Here are some of kids I spoke to . . .

 photo BbTvwfiCIAAYSHO_zpsec3b9b48.jpg  photo 1497802_10152063393412726_1580581193_n_zpsce0e8a7f.jpg  photo Harry-Potter-actors-as-kids_zpse04ea9c2.jpg  photo 1477925_10152063376767726_1298025747_n_zps7b68a17f.jpg

And now . . . the round-up/down of 2013. It was a really busy year, so it was hard to pick just one blog per month. But here we go . . .

January's blog pick covered our visit to Scotland where we hung out where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, met the Harry Coo, and explored Monty Python territory!

 photo IMG_0877_zpsd60217f3.jpg

One of February's blogs was a follow up to our space shuttle Endeavor adventures. Peepy got to hang out with astronauts!

 photo IMG_1463_zps3e3ba90e.jpg

March saw our visit to Singapore and it's glorious sights, a spectacular bookstore, and food, food, food!!!!

 photo IMG_2053_zps4d695181.jpg

April's blog" chronicled our trip to Dubai and a desert safari . . .

 photo IMG_2773_zps5093efc9.jpg

May was a celebration for Children's Book Week, and we were honored to host the Children's Choice Book Awards. This blog takes you behind-the-scenes with a who's who in children's literature . . .

 photo IMG_3331_zpsacf640fe.jpg

In June we met up with our editor and agent in NYC, plus hung out with a Rolling Stone writer to explore good eats in Queens . . .

 photo IMG_3228_zpsbb654303.jpg

July was a lazy month, and we revisited the best prank ever played on us . . .

 photo long_zps4a5f21b2.jpg

August witnessed the annual collision of authors and agent editors . . .

 photo IMG_4108_zps5873477e.jpg

In September we snuck into Amulet creator Kazu Kibuishi's studio . . .

 photo IMG_4312_zps332d715d.jpg

October was a mix of Einstein, math, donuts, friends and a new newspaper . . .

 photo IMG_4386_zpsecad834c.jpg

November took us to Orlando and St. Louis and an incredible museum . . .

 photo IMG_4368_zps2aa2e131.jpg

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