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March Blogged-ness, Here Now!!!!

So then, when last we blogged this was going on . . .

 photo blog_zps5dc246b5.jpg

Since then, lots has been happening, only we've been . . .

1) Too busy
2) Too lazy
3) Too sleepy
4) Too, too

and therefore, have fallen off the blog wagon.

However, we're back!

Okay, why? What's up, you ask, or I ask, or someone asks. Well, here's the haps . . .

Recently, Peepy and flew into San Jose . . .

 photo IMG_5322_zps772d06f6.jpg

And visited Christa McAuliffe School . . .

 photo IMG_5310_zps421b8683.jpg  photo IMG_5311_zps49e92686.jpg  photo IMG_5302_zps4a373041.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zps227aa3c2.jpg

Principal Rick Yee (no relation to Moi that I know of), was a good sport. Plus, I tricked him. And he read the part of Stanford Wong onstage with me as we acted out a library/food scene from Millicent Min, Girl Genius . . .

 photo IMG_5313_zpsd5d814ef.jpg  photo IMG_5312_zps79932c54.jpg  photo IMG_5319_zps7ec798c6.jpg  photo IMG_5315_zpsbf6675fd.jpg  photo IMG_5316_zpsba678bcd.jpg

I had such a blast and it's fair to say that Peepy did too . . .

 photo IMG_5305_zpsfa161a8a.jpg

The weather was FREEZING back in Los Angeles. Well, it was in the 60s. So when I met up with my American Girl editor, Jennifer Hirsch, to hike up to the Griffith Park Observatory, I wore a coat. She's from Wisconsin, so to her the weather was lovely . . .

 photo IMG_5330_zpsdb5b2ac5.jpg

It's aways great visiting the Observatory, and part of Absolutely Maybe takes place there!

On Read Across America Day, Peepy and I headed over to Temple City's Emperor Elementary were we were warmly welcomed . . .

 photo IMG_5350_zpsa87787c0.jpg  photo IMG_5354_zps3fd988e9.jpg  photo IMG_5356_zps9feff595.jpg  photo IMG_5357_zpsd98d73ab.jpg  photo IMG_5371_zps7b8b12d6.jpg

My parents had joined me that evening, and I was so glad because uber librarian Tim Rodriguez surprised me with a Congressional Recognition!!!

 photo IMG_5362_zps1480ccdb.jpg  photo IMG_5376_zpsc8381476.jpg

Who's that at the Women's Business Summit? Why, it's me (Peepy's sleeping) and Pasadena Advertising's Suzanne Marks. I discussed social media and math. But only one of those.

 photo IMG_5404_zps565dd4f2.jpg  photo IMG_5401_zpsc6eefd37.jpg  photo IMG_5405_zpsc1807428.jpg

Recently, I chaperoned the South Pasadena High School Academic Decathlon Team to California State Finals in Sacramento. They took 7th place out of over 500 teams. Not bad for a school who attended their first competition just last year.

While in Sacramento, I got to do some sightseeing in Locke, the historical Chinatown area . . .

 photo IMG_5646_zpse6dcf189.jpg  photo IMG_5640_zpsae3254a0.jpg  photo IMG_5636_zps6b774750.jpg  photo IMG_5635_zpsb06c8435.jpg  photo IMG_5632_zpsb55c9497.jpg

And back home, food-wise, this happened . . .
 photo IMG_5426_zps2701d1e5.jpg  photo IMG_5424_zps86a52f28.jpg

Speaking of Daylight Savings Time (I have still not recovered from it), these illustrators have adjusted nicely and are able to stay awake when sharing a meal with me . . .

 photo IMG_5447_zpsc6e49a5a.jpg

But not these guys . . .

 photo IMG_5254_zps1c02cff6.jpg  photo IMG_5388_zps2dfa42e0.jpg
(That's Dan Santat, and that's Bob Boyle.)

And this is Bob Boyle and Dan Santat and me starring in an Oscar-caliber mini-movie-documentary-about-Bob-Boyle!!!

Look! Who's that? Why, it's me being a dragon or a reader or an author or someone.
 photo dragn_zps8bd44307.jpg

Why? Because voting is starting for the Children's Choice Book Awards!!! (I'll post the video I did for this year's Children's Book Week, later.)

In the meantime . . . CLICK HERE NOW!!!! and be part of Children's Book Week!!!
 photo CBW-READ-childrens_FINAL_zps98022cce.gif
 photo CBW-champion-FINAL_zps82bc6ea7.gif


Oh, look! If you'd like an autographed book, order from Vroman's, tell them who you'd like me to sign it to, and they will mail it to you!"


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