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The Ultimate Children's/YA Challenge -- The Reamer Rib-Off

I was in New York recently, and so was my pal and BOBBY illustrator Dan Santat. Our mutual Writers House agent, Jodi Reamer, has dined with us on many occasions . . .

 photo 7b11adf1.jpg

Only this time would be different. Yes! Jodi set up a mega meat challenge -- The Reamer Rib-Off.

Dan vs. Alec Shane (Jodi's assistant and junior agent). I was there as a celebrity judge. Well, okay, I was there as a judge. Also in attendance as referee was editor Connie Hsu, who just left Little Brown and is now at Roaring Brook. What we witnessed was nothing short of amazing (and gross). So I thought that pictures would tell the story better than words . . .

 photo IMG_5759_zpse229cfcf.jpg  photo IMG_5760_zps36bbf1b1.jpg

 photo IMG_5762_zps4c478018.jpg
(Alec Shane)

 photo IMG_5763_zpsfad85c3b.jpg
(Dan Santat)

 photo IMG_5764_zps66bb6c91.jpg

 photo IMG_5767_zpsfbe9bb65.jpg  photo IMG_5768_zps25f2d740.jpg  photo IMG_5785_zps61c7ba84.jpg  photo IMG_5777_zps25b5c325.jpg  photo IMG_5776_zpsfa24b02e.jpg  photo IMG_5774_zpsdb82b3fa.jpg

At one point the chefs and staff at Blue Smoke came out to cheer the carnivores on . . .

 photo IMG_5797_zpsbd2a8611.jpg  photo IMG_5803_zps56c653df.jpg  photo IMG_5801_zps303767e3.jpg

It kept going . . .

 photo IMG_5790_zpsbcb32f99.jpg  photo IMG_5786_zpsb4dc6ec2.jpg  photo IMG_5806_zpsa18c10f8.jpg  photo IMG_5780_zpsa4c43ca7.jpg  photo IMG_5782_zps300d0eb0.jpg  photo IMG_5790_zpsbcb32f99.jpg

Dan won with a total of TWENTY THREE ribs. Alec weighed in at NINTEEN . . .

 photo IMG_5792_zps9d071a7a.jpg  photo IMG_5795_zps0f3295d1.jpg  photo IMG_5804_zps04d56447.jpg  photo IMG_5789_zpsd02912af.jpg

 photo IMG_5786_zpsb4dc6ec2.jpg  photo IMG_5808_zps865a6248.jpg

There were prizes . . . .

 photo IMG_5810_zps48bea909.jpg

And like a true champion, when the Reamer Rib-Off was over, Dan had dessert . . .

 photo IMG_5778_zpsd26c36c2.jpg

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