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December Blog-ed-ness Has Arrived (at last)!!!!

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Wow, it's been a looooong time since my last blog. I would have blogged sooner, and I don't want to make any excuses, but aliens abducted me and I was orbiting Mars and the view was so pretty, plus there was a lot happening on my desk, and I got distracted.

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And then Newbery and Prinz committee member and kidlit scholar Rob Bittner visited from Canada and distracted me with food . . .

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So okay, let's see what Peepy and I have been up to. Yes! We visited the Twin Cities to keynote at the Minnesota SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). It began with a faculty dinner . . .

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Then this the next day . . .

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It's always fun seeing author Bruce Hale and Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic Associate Editor Emily Clement and discussing math and metrics and stuff . . .

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Why, lookit -- there's the ever popular picture booker, Kelly Light!

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My writing workshop students were muttering bitterly to themselves because I made them write and write, and then write even more. And more. And more* . . .

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*They did a fabulous job!!!!

Hello? Excuse me, but where do children's literature types hang out in the Twin Cities? Apparently at local favorite haunt Psycho Suzi's . . .

 photo IMG_8540_zps55983c5e.jpg  photo IMG_8541_zps7c111fff.jpg

Ah hem. Someone was given Minnesota swag!

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If you like books (and who doesn't???), you MUST visit the Kerlan Collection at the University of MN. This children's literature and research collection is curated by the amazing Lisa Von Drasek a.k.a. ALVD . . .

 photo IMG_8604_zps8ba390e4.jpg  photo IMG_8552_zpsd198e0ff.jpg  photo IMG_8561_zps87622283.jpg

Here you'll find, thousands of original papers from some of the biggest names in children's literature. Plus, my papers are there, too . . .

 photo IMG_8576_zps07430d4e.jpg  photo IMG_8555_zpsb413b4d3.jpg  photo IMG_8648_zps536f13c7.jpg  photo IMG_8646_zps894f0c0e.jpg  photo IMG_8645_zpsa4e17a42.jpg

We interrupt this blog to bring you yet another Dan Santat lunch. This time we are celebrating the publication of BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY) in China. (Um. I wore the same sweater to lunch knowing that it would be jammed between incidents during my Kerlan visit. Yes, that's it.)

 photo IMG_9139_zps62d50123.jpg

And now back to your regularly scheduled Kerlan update . . .

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My dear friend, and fellow Sid Fleishman Humor Award Winner David LaRochelle was with me at The Kerlan . . .

 photo IMG_8593_zpsf1f787a3.jpg  photo IMG_8609_zps05f20bd5.jpg  photo IMG_8608_zps63c2a81e.jpg  photo IMG_8610_zps0be6b867.jpg  photo IMG_8579_zpsecdd42a9.jpg

Here's more . . .

 photo IMG_8588_zpse682288f.jpg  photo IMG_8585_zpsdc96d505.jpg  photo IMG_8578_zps5b9f4483.jpg  photo IMG_8581_zps66e50fb0.jpg  photo IMG_8605_zps86b57be8.jpg  photo IMG_8606_zps3e1bcf98.jpg  photo IMG_8607_zpsa51be666.jpg

Paula Danzinger blurbed my first novel!!!

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Later, it was lunch with David, author Cheryl Blackford and Lisa Lisa . . .

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After, David and I visited the famed Red Balloon children's bookstore, talked to bears, and then had a tasty snack . . .

 photo IMG_8658_zpsd803baec.jpg  photo IMG_8657_zps94e357d1.jpg  photo IMG_8661_zpsb9ea3d32.jpg  photo IMG_8656_zps4e9cf51a.jpg

On another day, it was food 'n' fun with children's lit scholar and professor Sarah Park Dahlen . . .

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Sarah asked what I'd like to see and I said, "The library! Children's books! Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!" And so we did (two of the three). Here's the Minneapolis Central Library . . .

 photo IMG_8696_zps408931c5.jpg  photo IMG_8685_zpsc5b42579.jpg  photo IMG_8686_zps187bb211.jpg  photo IMG_8688_zps44aec9a1.jpg  photo IMG_8684_zps4445ae23.jpg

Then it was time for a Wild Rumpus and ice cream!!!!

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Back in Southern California a gaggle of authors and illustrators met for dinner to impress Australian author Rachel "R.A." Spratt, who misbehaved and put Peepy in peril . . .

 photo IMG_8395_zpsb6ec65a2.jpg  photo IMG_8397_zpsa6176f60.jpg

After dinner it was time for lunch with authors Susan Patron, Amy Goldman Koss and Ann Whitford Paul . . .

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What's that?!!! Why, it's Kelly Milner Halls' newest book, GHOSTLY EVIDENCE. And look who has a story in it!!!

 photo Photoon10-3-14at5_zps222859a1.jpg

Close to home, we visited Clairbourn School and super librarian, Anita Knight. Here we are with author/illustrators Dan Santat (I think he's stalking me) and Salina Yoon . . .

 photo IMG_8855_zpsc051ac12.jpg  photo IMG_8839_zpseadb3210.jpg  photo IMG_8840_zpsc6b184e7.jpg  photo IMG_8849_zpsb6f76fce.jpg  photo IMG_8859_zps984605a4.jpg
(The Lisa Yee Lego was made with a 3D printer!!!)

I spoke to the middle school students . . .

 photo IMG_8844_zps2aa58ff8.jpg  photo IMG_8843_zps3906cd60.jpg  photo IMG_8845_zps74ba7b42.jpg

Then before or after or later there was lunch with author Michael Reisman . . .

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Speaking of postcards for my upcoming YA novel, THE KIDNEY HYPOTHETICAL or how to ruin your life if seven days, there are these . . .

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What's that? Oh, a (yet another) literary lunch with Dan Santat and a literary dinner with my agent, Jodi Reamer . . .

 photo IMG_8868_zps333a5796.jpg  photo IMG_9017_zps07840b27.jpg

What? What's that? Lunch with someone other than Dan? Yes! It's author Amy Goldman Koss!!!

 photo IMG_8902_zpsefafdaa2.jpg

This year I judged the PEN USA awards (along with Amy) and attended the fancy schmancy awards ceremony in 90210 . . .

 photo IMG_8978_zpsa59819dc.jpg  photo IMG_8977_zps6cb19f1e.jpg

Oh yeah, the Girls are all here. Lena Dunham with celebrity Peepy and Moi . . .

 photo IMG_8971_zps30f86f10.jpg  photo IMG_8975_zps430585ad.jpg  photo IMG_8972_zpsf95c0780.jpg

There's Amy Poehler. She gave the Lifetime Achievement Award to me!!! Oops. I meant Norman Lear . . .

 photo IMG_8956_zps08af26d1.jpg

That's John Cusak on stage (not sure why he was there) . . .

 photo IMG_8996_zpsa4acbc83.jpg

Look!!! It's PEN winner Margarita Engle who wrote the magnificent THE LIGHTNING DREAMER, CUBA'S GREATEST ABOLITIONIST. The book made me weep, and it made my heart sing. GO READ IT!!!!

 photo IMG_8980-Version2_zps513fc56d.jpg

What's that? Why it's literary PEN swag . . .

 photo IMG_9012_zps73174c39.jpg

Yoo hoo! It's Children's/YA judges, Amy Goldman Koss, with Margarita and Moi . . .

 photo IMG_8951_zpsee4e169e.jpg

(Insert a clever transition of your choice here)

Suddenly, it was time for the . . . Hollywood Children's Book Fair!!!!

 photo IMG_8916_zps972ec608.jpg  photo IMG_8921_zps4e421139.jpg  photo IMG_8933_zps2f56f223.jpg  photo IMG_8917_zps5f0df78f.jpg

Beautiful and brilliant Book Fair producer Anji Williams presented me with this!!!

 photo IMG_8920_zps5ef18fe8.jpg  photo IMG_8923_zpscb47014e.jpg

And there's author(s) Cecil Castellucci and Scott Bly and Kristen Kittscher. . .

 photo IMG_8913_zps07fceb6a.jpg  photo IMG_8925_zps29df17fe.jpg  photo Image7_zps4d66d944.jpg

We emoted on the stage, reading from MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS with author Scott Bly playing Stanford Wong . . .

 photo IMG_8926_zpsc0a5379c.jpg

What's that? Another Dan Santat lunch?

 photo IMG_8908_zps7ac4fabc.jpg

Google, gaggle, gobble . . . yes!!! I took part in the International Reading Associations VERY FIRST Google Hangout (to spice things up, the events that appear in this blog are not in chronological order) . . .

 photo GoogleHangout_10-2014_600x600_proof2_zps358440f5.jpg  photo youtube_zps6bc2ec46.jpg

Whoop! I hopped a plane and headed to Texas -- Austin, to exact, for YALSA!!! And look who I ran into, author/professional YoYo-er Jonathan Auxier and Rob Bittner . . .

 photo IMG_9030_zpsc9b95cab.jpg

I got carried away with YA author Andrew Smith, and was reunited with other YA-ers Malindo Lo, Sara Zarr and Justina Chen, and oooooh, spooky author RL Stine and Scholastic's non-spooky Lizette Serrano . . .

 photo IMG_9032_zps17428ea1.jpg  photo IMG_9034_zpsdaccf924.jpg  photo IMG_9035_zps16bc63c4.jpg  photo IMG_9031_zpsf4329a88.jpg  photo IMG_9039_zpsa68a704e.jpg  photo IMG_9036_zps80b6b0b0.jpg

Now, here's the haps. Jonathan Auxier saw me in my Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly costume . . .
 photo IMG_8877_zps7860cf01.jpg
(Above: Me and animator/author/illustrator Bob Boyle with Dan Santat)

He bet me that if appeared on our YA panel dressed as Holly, he would sing all his comments to the tune of Moon River.

 photo IMG_9022_zps3adec74d.jpg  photo IMG_9044_zps12f02aa8.jpg

And I did, and he did!!!

Here's proof . . .

The view from the stage . . .

 photo IMG_9055_zps68e3c970.jpg

And here are the other panel members . . .

 photo IMG_9052_zps347f4bde.jpg

Oops, got carried away by Andrew Smith again . . .

 photo IMG_9054_zps6f3eefdd.jpg

And it's Audrey with Kelly Milner Halls and Bruce Coville, and Chris Barton . . .

 photo IMG_9050_zpsd827f7ba.jpg  photo IMG_9047_zps3d2d3f41.jpg

Finally, it was time to head home. (Austin was my last trip of 2014.) Who better way to share airport BBQ with than RL Stine?

 photo IMG_9063_zpse58eeb26.jpg

And finally, finally, someone (ME!!!) helped NPR select the Best Children's/YA Book of 2014 . . .

 photo npr_zps4a01672f.jpg

Here are the best of the best. And to see which ones were my picks go here for picture books/kids books and here for YA, and roll your curser over the titles to see who picked what, and why the book was selected!

For example:
 photo save_zpsa2b338a1.jpg

 photo Untitled_zpsdf56eee8.jpg
 photo ya_zps03c9b695.jpg


 photo IMG_8567_zps533dc34a.jpg  photo Image8_zpsa540e4a8.jpg
(I LOVE this photo of me and a fan at the Hollywood Children's Book Fest)


What's that? Yes! If you'd like an autographed book (they make great holiday presents!), order from Vroman's, tell them who you'd like me to sign it to, and they will mail it to you!"


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