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I Don't Sound Stupid!!!!

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Eeeeeekkkk!!!! I think I figured out something technologicallesque! (Click on above to take a listen.)

This was an interview by Mihi Ahn of KQED San Francisco. The topic was Asian authors and contemporary children's fiction. It will be playing in various markets around the country this week.

Teen listened the the NPR interview and had this to say about it -- "You sounded really good, like one of those radio people."

When I asked what she meant, she explained. "You know, you hear them and you think that person is really weird. They don't sound like normal people. They sound like people who sit around and decide what to say on the radio."

Er, okay. I think she was being nice. Like the time when she was little and said, "I am so glad you aren't one of those beautiful moms."

Also, today, Virginia S. Loh interviewed me for her dissertation. Virginia's debut novel, THE JADE DRAGON, comes out SOON. It's co-written with Carolyn Marsden. I was trying to be very Asian the whole time she interviewed me. And so, in the spirit of the day, I suggested dim sum for lunch.

At the restaurant she asked, "What's your favorite dim sum." I panicked, since I don't know what anything is called, and aren't all Asians supposed to know those things?

I mumbled, "Those round things that are fried with stuff in them." I was feeling that I had sort of let my race down, when the waiter came and Virgina asked for FORK instead of chopsticks!

Here's Virginia and her new book . . .
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And here's a historic photo of me downloading/uploading the NPR interview from the streaming audio to the phone linker thingy.
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