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Charming Danger Boy

Books. Books. Shoes. Books. Lucky Charms. Books.

When I was a kid there were many things that would fill me with joy. Among my favorites were a new box of Lucky Charms, shiny patent leather shoes, and a good book. I suppose if I read a good book, while wearing shiny shoes and eating Lucky Charms I would have passed out from happiness.

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At one time, in a kid-sugar-induced-frenzy, I devoured all the marshmallow charms out of a just opened box. Later, my little brother was so upset over the charmless cereal that he complained to the manufacturer. A couple weeks later General Mills (the company, not the person) sent him a check. It would be ten years before I told him the truth about the charms.

Oops, digression. Let's move away from Leprechauns and back to books.

Son, age nine, has always enjoyed his books. However, recently something has happened that I had never seen before. He picked up a novel by Mark London Williams and became CONSUMED by it. It was all he could talk about. Danger Boy this. Danger Boy that. Danger Boy, Danger Boy, Danger Boy. In fact, at one point he got so interested in what he was saying about Danger Boy, that he stopped mid-sentence, started reading again, and didn't emerge for over an hour.

Danger Boy: Ancient Fire Episode One has mystery, time travel, bad guys, dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and more. Son is now on Episode Two, and when we went to dinner the other day, the book came with us . . .
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"You know," I told him. "The author actually came to our house."

"He did???!!!"

This was a wonder to Son, for even though I am an author, the idea of authors being real people is still an concept that's hard for him to grasp.

Well, not only is it true that Mark was at our house, and is real person, but I have proof . . .
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Mark, with other LAYAs, was featured in Lisa Yee's First Annual Caption Contest. Thanks Mark, for the photo, and for Danger Boy.

Oh! And when I asked Son about his favorite books, he said it was a tie between A SINGLE SHARD and DANGER BOY.

"That's interesting, they are so different," I said.

"Not really mom," he explained. "You have to time travel to get into both of them."

Hey, when you were a kid, what book(s) do you remember grabbing you and not letting go? I'll start.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
BTW, my super-talented-pal Dan Santat did the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade poster this year.

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Check out his blog to see the evolution of the design.

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