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Lisa Yee's Bodacious Book Title Contest -- Here and Now!!!

For my first blog of 2007, I thought I'd start off with the another FABULOUS Annual Contest. Only this one isn't a photo caption one, it's one for a BOOK TITLE.

Disclaimer #1: I didn't make up the game, but I did place 2nd in a national book title contest. However, I don't remember the exact rules, so I'm going to sort of make up my own version.

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RULES . . .
1. Think of a title from a children's/middle grade/young adult book.

2. Change the FIRST LETTER of ONE of the words to make it into a whole new title.

3. Then add a sentence describing the new book.

1. Enter as often as you'd like (and encourage others to do the same).

2. No nasty stuff.

3. Employees must wash hands before returning to work.

I'm going to give this contest a week or so. As always, there will be good-looking celebrity judges. Past judges have included:
Arthur Levine
Betsy Bird
Pamela Anderson
Jodi Reamer
Bruce Coville
Puppy's boyfriend
Sid Fleischman

Disclaimer #3: Two of those listed have not judged one of Lisa's contests, yet.

PRIZE(S) . . .

The winner will receive an autographed ARC of SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS (releasing in stores April 2007) and other marvelous prizes.

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Last Annual (photo caption) Contest winners won these . . . (and yes, a magical plastic slug was included)
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Good luck!!!

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