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An Author's Worst Nightmare

Okay, so one day your blog is so totally all la-la-la, "I am exactly like Angelina Jolie!"
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And then your next blog chronicles your DISASTER, your TRAGEDY, your DOOM AND GLOOM.

So, here's my side of the story. I'm on a plane. Heading to Oklahoma. Am I drinking small bottles of alcohol? No. Am I eating salty snacks? No. Am I kicking the seat in front of me? No. I'm being productive and cleaning my computer desktop. Admirable, right? (I think so.) Then I spot two folders that say "Library." So I delete the older one. Do you really need two? And then I empty the trash.

WHO KNEW?!?!?!?!?? Why do they teach geometry in school? Why don't they teach something you can use, like "Don't EVER Delete Your Library 101"?

I soon find out, you delete your library, you loose EVERYTHING. E-mail. Addresses. iTunes. iPhoto. Saved stuff. Calendars. Your mind.

What now? When you get home, you call Michael, your computer guy. You try to explain things. You really do.
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(Above: Michael is not amused by your antics.)

The outcome? 75%. We got 75% back. Okay, I'll take it. That's better than the 0% I had before.

"In all my years I've never met anyone who's deleted their library," Michael noted. Then he added, "Why would a writer delete a library?"

Sigh. That's what I'm wondering.

Wait! And then there's this . . . when Hubby and I got married we divided up the duties. I would carry the children, give birth, take care of the groceries, cooking, house, social calendar, doctor appointments, et al. and Hubby would empty the trash. As it happens, sometimes the trash does not get emptied around our house. Only now Hubby is lording it over me that I SHOULD NOT have emptied the trash on my computer.

Great. Now he's looking at not emptying the trash as a good thing.

On a plus note, this arrived in the mail while I was out of town . . .
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I heard that BlackJack gum was in short supply, so I bought some on eBay. Only problem is, it expires March 2007. Guess I'll have to chew fast.

Stay tuned for my writerly exploits in Oklahoma City.

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