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MSNBC (almost), More Trash, and Spare Spaces

I trashed my e-mail. AGAIN. Yes, AGAIN. Yes, yes, AGAIN.


Luckily, via my blog, this nice person told me that her e-mails to me were bouncing back.
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(Above: Lisa and Debbi Michiko Florence discuss computers and important internet things.)

Here's the lowdown. Because of my recent Computer Woes, I was TERRIFIED of emptying the trash (on the computer). So I didn't. That meant I left HUNDREDS of e-mails just sitting there. That meant I used up "my allotment." And that meant, that by NOT trashing my e-mails, I TRASHED my e-mail system.

I was glad to have e-mail back, because I owed someone who's name started with an "N" a sidebar interview/article. Only, the first time I trashed my computer I LOST ALL MY SAVED CORRESPONDENCE. And sadly, because of my short-term-old-age-not-enough-sleep-memory-loss-thing, I couldn't recall her name. But I did remember it stared with an N.

So I sent e-mails to several "N" names in my address book. They all began, something like this . . . "Hi, this may sound weird, but do I owe you an an article?" Luckily, the right Natalie (there were three I sent to, plus a couple of Natashas), got back to me. (Ciao, Natalie from Italy!)

Speaking of e-mails, I got one from a producer at MSNBC. She wanted me to rush to a nearby studio to be interviewed about the SCR*TUM hoopla. However, my e-mail was all that, and by the time I got back to her, she had booked someone else (Sara Nelson, Editor-in-Chief of Publishers Weekly).

Speaking of interviews, this pal o' mine tagged me with Name Your Guilt and Why -- the categories were culinary, literary, audiovisual, musical and celebrity.

Here are my answers, not in the proper order and without any the whys: Rufus Wainwright, Colin Firth, Flaming Hot Lays Potato(e) Chips, David Letterman, Jodi Picoult, The Office, See's Candies, Colin Firth.

And lastly-ish. A few people commented on my office, when they saw my last blog. Well, here's the lowdown on writers' writing spaces. Writers do best in spare spaces. Not having clutter around frees the mind, liberates the spirit, and energizes the creativity.
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(Above: E.B. White)

Only, this doesn't work for me. I NEED to be surrounded by STUFF. Everywhere STUFF. I must tell you, though, I know EXACTLY where everything is. Except for the things that are lost.

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