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Sleepover at James Thurber's House!!!

So, get this. I was sitting at my computer not emptying the trash. And I'm waiting. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the phone to ring. The printer guy was supposed to call. (Yes, now that's broken.)

Brrrrring! (Dramatic sound effect of a phone ringing.)

"Hello? Is this Lisa?"

"Yesss," I said cautiously. It didn't sound like the printer guy. And it wasn't.

It was Pat from The Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio. I can't remember everything she said, because I was too busy freaking out. But I do remember this part. Pat told me that I have been named the 2007 Thurber House Children's Writer-in-Residence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

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(Above: James Thurber!, famed humorist, author and cartoonist.)

This is a real dream-come-true for me. One month of writing, and teaching, and LIVING in James Thurber's house . . .
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(Above: Here's the house James Thurber lived in and wrote about in MY LIFE AND HARD TIMES. I will be staying upstairs, sleeping in the room where the bed fell on his father, and hobnobbing with the ghosts.)

My Thurberness goes waaaay back. When I was a kid I'd read in chunks. By that, I mean, I'd have my stages. Nancy Drew. Louisa May Alcott. Agatha Christie. After my mystery/scary stage, I turned to humor and guess who I met? That's right! Mr. Thurber.

If you've never read Thurber, you simply MUST. The little nuances and details in his writing are so delicious and delightful. The way he weaves a story is amazing and seems effortless, yet everything comes together at the end. I think Seinfeld must have taken lessons from Thurber. I know I did. Plus, I LOVE his drawings . . .
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(Above: A Thurber drawing.)

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(Above: A Lisa drawing.)

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(Above: My very own first edition of MANY MOONS, which I purchased when I was in college, and congratulatory-Thurber-flowers from Hubby.)

(Cupcake photo here)
(Above: Congratulatory-Thurber-cupcake. I would show you a photo of it, but it's gone now.)

The printer guy never did call. But that's okay. Maybe I'll go back to the typewriter.

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(Above: Puppy contemplates eating the Thurber-flowers Lisa's friend Julie sent.)

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