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Puppy's Difficult Decision

On Monday I spoke at South Pasadena Chinese American Club Authors Forum.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The event was PACKED!

Was it because there was a poet (Bernadette Shih), a playwright (Judy Soo Hoo) and an author (moi)?

Was it because we all had very deep and heartfelt things to say?

Was it because the high school offered extra credit to students who attended?

Teen passed along what she claims is the highest compliment . . . "Jason said he didn't even play Tetris while you were speaking!" (Apparently Tetris is a GameBoy-ish game. I thought it was a shot you got when you stepped on a nail.)

After the event, I went out to eat with Sara Jane Boyers who's book LIFE DOESN'T FRIGHTEN ME was mentioned on OPRAH last week!

Speaking of hitting the jackpot (note how smoooothly I slid in that transition), recently I WON A PRIZE(S)!!! Over at Julia Durango's blog I entered a contest that required great skill and cunning. (Actually, it was more like a raffle, my number was picked.) The prizes? My very own autographed copy of ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME and a dog toy. I thought maybe both were for me, but Julia said one was for Puppy.

Hmmmmm . . . but which one? I considered letting Puppy choose, but she's been bad lately.

Like when she "accidentally" spilled her dog food . . .
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Like when she ate my plastic disk holder . . .
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Still, I thought I'd give her the choice. Book or dog toy? Dog toy or book?
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It was a difficult decision.

Puppy finally chose the dog toy.
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Hoorah, because I really wanted the book!

Hey, check out the Blog-a-Story-a-Thon it's funny, clever, witty, wacky, and written by YOU!!! (Or if you haven't added a sentence yet, then it would be written by "them.")

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